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STANLIB Property Income Fund Summary Fact Sheet
South African--Real Estate--General
Technical Overview
Formation Date: 16 Sep 2002
Holdings: 14
Original Price: 100
Pricing System: Forward
Price (A - Class)
Keillen Ndlovu
Keillen began his property fund management career at Standard Bank Properties in 2004 managing its leveraged listed property product. He became a listed property analyst at Stanlib in 2005 and now also co-manages the Stanlib Aggressive Income Fund.
Sector: South African-Real Estate-General
Fund Size: R8 542 142 003 (as at 31 Dec 2018)
Sector Rank: 32 out of 45
(lump sum over 1 years to 28 Feb 2019)
Overall Rank: 1143 out of 1238
(lump sum over 1 years to 28 Feb 2019)
R1000 invested on 28 Feb 2018 was worth R938.04 on 28 Feb 2019 (-6.20% annual compound return)
R100 per month since 28 Feb 2018 was worth R1 163.54 on 28 Feb 2019 (-5.71% annual return compounded monthly)
Please note that domestic fund performance figures are calculated on a NAV-NAV basis including dividends reinvested on the reinvestment date, ETFs are reinvested on the ex-div date.
Focus and Objective
The STANLIB Property Income Fund aims for the growth of capital and to provide an income source. Investments may consist of property shares, property loan stock, debentures, debenture stock and bonds, unsecured notes, property unit trusts and other listed securities considered consistent with the portfolio's objective. Liquidity may be increased to 50% if deemed necessary by the manager. Exposure to fixed-interest securities is limited to 30%. The portfolio may also invest in the participatory interests of collective investment schemes. This portfolio may not have any direct and/or indirect foreign exposure.
Latest Fund Manager Comment / News
STANLIB Property Income Fund - Sep 18
Fund review

Over 3Q18 the fund outperformed the benchmark by 1.0%. Over the  ...more
News Archive
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Top Holdings on 31 Dec 2018
Share No Units Value (Rm) % of Fund
REDEFINE 130 138 898 1 258.44 14.73%
GROWPNT 44 627 572 1 039.82 12.17%
NEPIROCK 7 763 483 877.27 10.27%
VUKILE 27 061 685 539.88 6.32%
FORTRESSA 24 557 918 447.69 5.24%
Totals   4 163.11 48.74%
Comparative Performance
Portfolio Structure as at 31 Dec 2018
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Dividend Data
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Fees and Charges
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Sectoral Information
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