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About FundsData Online
FundsData Online is a comprehensive and continuously updated information resource covering unit trusts and collective investment schemes available in South Africa.

FundsData Online is offered in three versions:
1. Free-to-view
2. Retail subscription
3. Professional subscription
What Will You Find Here?

The free-to-view version of FundsData Online is available free of charge to all investors and provides fact sheets for unit trusts and other collective investment schemes offered for sale in South Africa.
The retail subscription version provides detailed information on each management company fund, including:
  • Detailed fact sheets for all domestic funds
  • Comprehensive dividend history data
  • Contact details for managers, ManCos and branches
  • Fees and charges (including commissions and TERs)
  • Fund news and fund managers' comments
  • Detailed asset allocation information for all funds
  • Sectoral analyses for equity funds
  • Standardised performance tables (lump sums and debit orders)
  • Interactive performance charts and returns calculators
  • Risk profiles and risk stats for all funds
  • User-defined watch lists with built-in analysis tools
  • Brilliant fund alert service – get prices in your inbox!
In addition to the features of the retail version, the professional version also offers:
  • Create user-defined client portfolios
  • Portfolio consolidation tools with portfolio TRIs
  • Risk/return, asset allocation and performance comparisons for client portfolios
  • Full fund holdings
  • Portfolio holdings comparisons tools
  • Fund ranking tool and report builder
  • Multi-fund performance comparisons (with export to Excel™)
  • Raw data export facilities (CSV, Excel™, etc)
  • Sophisticated fund filter
  • Fund criteria searching and reporting
  • Built-in technical analysis
  • Concurrent logins
  • and much more!
Subscription rates and an online order form can be found here.
General Tips
The menu bar at the top of the page is the main navigation tool for this site. The side-bar menu on the left applies to the page being viewed, and changes accordingly. For example, in the Toolbox section, the left-hand menu changes to reflect choices available inside the Toolbox.

When you are looking at a specific unit trust, the left-hand menu provides a selection of information pages for that fund.

The Quick Fund Switch opens a window which allows you to jump from one fund to another without losing the page you have selected. For example, if you are viewing the Asset Allocation page for a fund, selecting another fund via the Quick Fund Switch will jump to the Asset Allocation page of the new fund.

More Help
Help on interactive pages is available here.

The Fundpaedia provides help with terminology, understanding performance figures, interpreting charts and graphs and much more.

If you can't answer you question or solve your problem via the above pages, please email or call +27-11-728-5510 and ask for FundsData support.

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