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Why Momentum Wealth?
With more than R100 billion combined assets under administration, we are ranked as the largest LISP in the country. We form part of MMI Group Limited, a division of JSE-listed MMI Holdings, which was formed after the successful merger of Momentum and Metropolitan.

Whether investing a lump sum or a regular savings amount, we offer an established track record of sound administration and innovative investment products, coupled with remarkable client service.

We provide a comprehensive range of investment and retirement products, local and international. This includes various types of fund solutions across a diverse product range, and extends beyond that of being a unit trust platform provider. Our client value proposition includes Momentum Fiduciary Services, Local platform, International platform, Savings and Wealth Portfolio Management. This effectively positions us to provide pre- and post-retirement product solutions that meet clients’ needs throughout the seasons of life, ranging from wealth preservation, income generation to capital growth.

Available investment components

  • Collective investment schemes (CIS)
  • International funds
  • Structured products
  • Guaranteed funds
  • Local and international multi-manager portfolios
  • Direct shares (Local)
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Personal Share Portfolio

These investment components are available for investment through the following:

Investment products

Flexible Investment Option
The Flexible Investment Option is a comprehensive investment solution that allows investors to save for a specific need and generate an income if required. Investors have maximum flexibility in deciding on the level of income required and can select from a wide range of investment components including local and international unit trust funds, multimanager portfolios, exchange traded funds and direct shares.

Flexible Endowment Option
The Flexible Endowment Option is an investment into a five-year term endowment contract, where the underlying investment portfolio may consist of any of the above investment components. Within the five-year term, clients can access some of their capital through an interest-free loan and withdrawal. An endowment also offers tax efficiency and estate planning benefits for investors.

Traded Endowment Option
The Traded Endowment Option is a traded (second-hand) policy that provides high net worth investors with a tax-efficient endowment product, with no product term or liquidity constraints. It also offers clients estate planning benefits, as well as the ability to combine funds with guarantees into a flexible product. Investors can select from a wide range of investment components, including direct shares and exchange traded funds.

Retirement savings and income products

Retirement Annuity Option
The Retirement Annuity Option enables self-employed and other individual investors to plan for retirement in a tax-efficient manner. As a member of the fund, investors benefit from the tax concessions applicable to retirement annuity contributions, as well as to their benefits on retirement. An investment in the this product allows investors to make single and regular investments in a range of investment components of their choice. Investment contributions may be suspended and resumed at a later stage, without any penalties. In addition, clients automatically qualify for our Enhancer Benefit at retirement, if their Retirement Annuity Option is older than five years. They then enjoy the benefits of a matured endowment: a tax-efficient and liquid investment vehicle with estate planning benefits.

Retirement Income Option
The Retirement Income Option is a market-linked annuity or “living annuity”. Investors can invest their retirement benefits in a diversified portfolio of underlying investment instruments (including equity markets), to generate a regular income. On the death of the annuitant, the remaining capital in the investment will be available to the nominated beneficiaries. The Retirement Income Option may also be purchased for the dependants or nominated beneficiaries of deceased members of pension, provident or retirement annuity funds. Investors can convert their investment to a guaranteed life annuity at any time.

Retirement Preservation Option
An investment in the Retirement Preservation Option enables investors to invest withdrawal benefits from a pension or provident fund in a range of investment instruments of their choice, without losing any of the tax benefits accrued in the previous fund. It is an investment vehicle that offers investors similar retirement and taxation benefits to those of pension and provident funds. It preserves retirement benefits from approved pension and provident funds and provides limited access to funds in times of need. The Retirement Preservation Option consists of the Momentum Pension Preservation and Momentum Provident Preservation Funds. Clients can also qualify for our Enhancer Benefit with this product.

Investment options
Momentum provides simple, cost-effective investment options designed to cater for all market conditions, enabling you to meet reasonable return expectations. We offer clients a simplified route to choosing the funds and portfolios that best suit their risk and return objectives. They can select local and international funds from our Managed Solutions, Core Portfolio and FundShop ranges, which provide diversification across asset classes, funds, fund managers, risk profiles and currencies.

A variety of client statements, the way they want it

We provide clients with innovative client statement solutions that embrace technology, making it easier to do business with us.

Momentum Wealth conducts its business through authorised Financial Services Providers:
Momentum Wealth (Pty) Ltd.- FSP 657 and MMI Group Limited - FSP 6406.