ABSA Investment Management Services (Pty) Ltd. (AIMS)
Company registration number: 1980/02425/07
W T Lategan (Chairman)
J A Gouws (Executive Director)
M J A Kitching (Executive Director)
C J de Vrye
T Zuma
I Smit
Absa Investments Campus
Block D, 61 Empire Road,
Parktown, 2193
Tel: 0860 000 005
Fax: 0861 339 265
Email: aimscc@absa.co.za

Absa Investment Management Services (AIMS) is an investment platform that offers a wide range of investment options and solutions to meet investor’s financial planning needs. As part of a leading financial services organisation, investors have the comfort and security of their investment being in the hands of capable investment specialists. Through our wealth of experience, knowledge and independence, we enable financial intermediaries to provide their clients with appropriate investment advice and solutions.

Investment Account
The Absa Investment Account is a versatile investment vehicle for discretionary monies that allows for the achievement of diverse investment and wealth management objectives by providing personal control over an investment portfolio uniquely suited to the investor’s needs.

Guaranteed Investment Plan
A single premium linked endowment policy providing the investor with a guaranteed tax-free maturity value after five years or a linked annuity policy providing the investor with a guaranteed monthly annuity over the five-year investment term, or a combination of both.

Life Series
The Absa Life Series is a versatile linked endowment policy provided by Absa Life. This policy is open-ended after the first 5 years and offers the investor potential tax and estate planning benefits. Structuring a personalised investment solution is made easy through the available underlying investment options and allows for the achievement of specific investment goals.

Offshore Investment Account
The Offshore Investment Account allows investors to gain exposure to offshore investment markets as part of their offshore investment allowance. It provides investors with the ability to effectively diversify their investment portfolio in terms of geographic regions, currencies and asset classes through a range of selected offshore unit trust funds.

Retirement Annuity
The Absa Retirement Annuity Fund offers members a versatile and tax effective vehicle through which they can make the necessary provision for their retirement years. No penalties are charged when contributions are interrupted or amended and investors may switch between underlying funds as their circumstances change.

Preservation Funds
The Absa Pension Preservation Fund and the Absa Provident Preservation Fund offer current members of a pension or provident fund and that are in the process of leaving the service of an employer, the opportunity to preserve their existing retirement benefits.

Living Annuity
At retirement, the Living Annuity, which is underwritten by Absa Life, provides members from a pension, provident or retirement annuity fund with a flexible investment vehicle from which a regular and adjustable retirement income is received.

Absa Multi Management was established in 1999 and today comprises a team of experienced and multi-disciplined investment specialists with an independent position in the Absa Group. Since inception, the team has built a track record of solid performance in managing a range of institutional mandates as well as retail investment portfolios.

Absa Multi Management believes that its future success will be determined by the ability to continue delivering innovative and market leading investment solutions in a value-adding and cost efficient manner. A balanced focus on each of the critical aspects relating to investment management ensures a robust and sustainable approach to investing.

Portfolio & Service Offering
Absa Multi Management manages a series of retail collective investment schemes and institutional portfolios, as well as a range of target return and lifestyle investment portfolios. In addition to the portfolio management activities, support services are also provided to financial service providers, including investment manager selection, portfolio design and management as well as performance and risk analysis.

Absa Multi Management contact details:
Absa Investments Campus, Block E,
First Floor, 61 Empire Road,
Parktown, 2193

Tel: 011-480-5000
Fax: 011-480-5278
Investments: multimanagement@absa.co.za