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STANLIB USD Currency Fund of Funds Summary Fact Sheet
Regional--Interest Bearing--Short Term
Technical Overview
Formation Date: 3 Sep 2001
Holdings: 1
Original Price: 100
Pricing System: Forward
Price (A - Class)
A P Boy, B.Com, CAI
Neil Burnett (44)
Responsible for all sales and marketing functions of the Fedsure Unit Trusts.
Gerard de Nysschen, BCom (Hons)
Gerhard is an experienced fund manager and analyst. In addition to managing institutional portfolios. He also manages one of the most successful tracker funds in South Africa.
Ken Burns, CA (SA)
Ken Burns is executive director of Marriott Holdings Limited and Marriott Merchant Bank Limited. Ken has been a member of the Executive of the Association of Unit Trusts of South Africa since 1989.
Mandy Foo
Mandy Foo, Administration Manager of Norwich Unit Trust efficiently controls and ensures the smooth running of the office despite the rapid increase in unit trust holders.
Mandy has been in the Unit Trust Industy for over 6 years.
Jeremy Bolton, BCom; CTA
Jeremy matriculated at St Albans in Pretoria. He read his BCom degree at Wits before transferring to UCT to complete his CTA. After passing his CA (SA) board examintaion and completing his articles, he joined Old Mutual Investments in 1983, intially in an accountancy position. In 1986 he moved into share analysis and in 1989 he was appointed as portfolio manager. Jeremy is currently responsible for the management of various pension funds.
C Barnes, FILPA
Cliff Barnes has been involved in the life assurance industry for the last 13 years in both marketing and sales. He joined Sage Life on 1 January 1994 and moved to Investors Mutual Funds on 1 October 1994 as the National Marketing Manager.
Kevin Daly
Dana Becker, B.Comm (Ho
Dana joined UAL Merchant Bank in 1987 as an Investment Analyst specialising in Macro Economic and Industrial Research. In 1990 he was appointed as Portfolio Manager with the responsibility for a number of corporate retirement funds. Dana was appointed as Portfolio Manager for the "blue-chip" UAL Unit Trust in October 1995 after having been responsible for the UAL Managed Fund since April 1993.
Stephen Arthur, BSc Eng. (Mining), CFA
Kevin Dewar, B.Com
Charles Foster, BSc (Natal), FIA
Charles joined Metropolitan in 1979 as an actuarial student and moved into equities research in 1988. He holds a degree in mathematics and mathematical statistics and is a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in London. As Chief Investment Strategist, Charles is ultimately responsible for Metropolitan Asset Managers investment strategy. Charles manages the fund within the house-view of Metropolitan Asset Managers.
George Evans, (CA (SA)
Réne Gerber
Raymond Brian Goldblatt, M.Buss.Sci
Since December 1993 Raymond has been Portfolio Manager at Investec Asset Management. From 1 February 1993 to November 1993 he was a full time Actuarial student. From June 1989 to January 1993 Raymond was Manager of the Matched Annuity Funds at Old Mutual Investments. From June 1987 to May 1989 he was Assistant Portfolio Manager for the Matched Annuity Funds, Old Mutual Investments. Since 1992 he has been a member of the JSE Actuaries Index Sub-Committee, and he has been a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Markets (FIFM) since 1991.
Gail Daniel, BA (Maths, Eco & Phsyc), BA (Hons) (Economics), MBA
Gail is the head of equities and a director of Investec Asset Management, South Africa. She joined the company in 1991, where she worked on the dealing desk and contributed her analytical skills to the investment team. One year later, Gail joined the investment team and moved wholly into investments where she took responsibility for a selection of institutional fund portfolios and later, the Investec Managed Fund unit trust. She managed the Investec Worldwide Fund unit trust since its inception in 1995 until October 2000, when she was promoted to head of equities in South Africa. Gail continued to manage retail funds, including the flagship Investec Managed Fund unit trust. Gail holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. She also graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, Economics and Psychology, and gained her Honours in Economics from the University of South Africa in 1991.
Alberto Bottega, BSc, PhD (Phys)
Alberto is the Deputy Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Futuregrowth and locally oversees the fund.
Alberto has over 30 years general experience, and has spent 13 years with the FirstRand group and is now chairman of Futuregrowth Asset Management and heads the Core Funds team. Previously he held the position of Chief Investment Officer of Southern Asset Management in 1998. Member of the FirstRand Asset Management Exco and Board.

Donald Glyn, CA (SA)
Thirteen years investment experience with the Fleming Martin Group, having joined from the auditing profession. Has served on the JSE Committee and is an executive director of Fleming Martin Asset Management.
Chris Botha, BCom (Accounting and Investment Manager; MCom)
Chris has worked on both the buy and sell side of the investment industry, working as an analyst, stockbroker and portfolio manager at many of the well-known investment and life companies. His first position was at First National Trust (FNT) where he worked from 1990 to 1993. He has gained experience in managing unit trusts, pension funds and private client portfolios at FNT, Kagiso Securities, Tlotlisa Securities, SG Securities, Fedsure Asset Management, and African Life Asset Management. Whilst employed at Afrifocus Stockbrokers he worked closely with Imara Asset Management before joining them.
Walter Aylett, B Compt (Hons), CA (SA)
Walter founded Aylett & Company in 2005. This followed a period at Coronation Fund Managers for whom he had worked for seven years - first as Head of Research and then as Portfolio Manager. He managed several of their key Pension Funds and the Optimum Growth Fund. Walter successfully managed this worldwide flexible fund from its inception. Prior to that Walter had been at Syfrets Managed Assets for four years where he had the privilege of jointly managing the highly rated Prime Select Fund with well respected Tim Allsop.
Neil Brown (32), N Dip Bus Mgmt
6 years investment experience
  • Portfolio Manager - Syfrets Managed Assets
  • Private Client Portfolio Manager - Syfrets
Clyde Briell
Nikki Franklin
Kevin Cousins, BCom CA(SA)
This small, integrated team of professionals have developed a dynamic approach to investment management. The key to their investment success centres on dedicated team effort and investment flexibility. While Kevin Cousins - BComm CA(SA) - is ultimately responsible for the performance of BoE Value Fund, he is supported by highly motivated and talented individuals. Kevin joined the team in 1993.
Graham Frost, BSc (Hons)
Graham worked as a corporate analyst in the UK. In South Africa he has occupied the position of investment manager in both banking and life assurance companies. Graham supervises derivative strategy, portfolios and trading and managing investment portfolios. He also has responsibility for offshore assets.
René du Plessis
This small integrated team of professionals have developed a dynamic approach to investment management. The key to their investment success centres on dedicated team effort and investment flexibility. While portfolio manager René du Plessis - BComm - is ultimately responsible for the performance of BoE Bond Fund, she is supported by highly motivated and talented individuals. René joined the team in 1987.
Janssen Davies
Vanessa Carlow, B.Comm, Ag
2 years with the JSE and SBDC in computer and business analysis fields. 6 years with Syfrets Managed Assets as an investment analyst and 3 years with Coronation Asset Management as portfolio manager.
Denzil Burger, B.Com
Denzil, Senior Portfolio Manager for Old Mutual Asset Managers (OMAM), is currently responsible for a number of corporate retirement fund portfolios. He manages the Optimised Portfolios of the Fairbairn Capital range and the PP Select Life portfolios, as well as serving as alternate portfolio manager for the SA Profile Portfolio range.

Denzil was appointed to the OMAM Asset Allocation Group at its inception early in 2002. Most recently he has taken on responsibility for the management of the multi-style global asset portfolios of OMAM (SA). This primarily entails overall strategy and specialist manager selection.

Denzil joined the Group in 1983, and has held a number of different positions in the investment area. His broad experience has given him a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of investment matters, with one of his responsibilities having been the co-ordination of asset swap activity and liaison with OMAM's global asset managers. He has also managed pooled and segregated portfolios for SA and Namibian clients for many years.
Jarred Glansbeek, B BusSc (Hons)
After completing his degree in the field of Actuarial Science, Jarred joined RMB Asset Management shortly after its inception in 1990. His background has involved derivatives and quantitative investment techniques and he has also developed the unique guaranteed unit trust product range.
M C Claassen
J DE V Du Toit
Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser, MPhil (Columbia University), MA Med (US)
Anne is an international development specialist and has spent the last 24 years in investment and risk management, in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Since moving to South Africa in 1992, she pioneered multi-manager asset management in South Africa and now serves as the chief investment officer at Advantage Asset Managers.
Neil Brown, N Dip Co Admin, MBA
Neil Brown and Richard Hasson head up ELECTUS, an investment boutique within Old Mutual Investment Group SA (OMIGSA). They jointly manage this fund, while Neil has managed the Nedgroup Investments Growth Fund since April 2001. With 17 years of investment experience and an MBA in Finance, Neil also spent eight of these years as a small and mid cap sector specialist.
Norman Clemo
Tony Bell, BCom (Hons), CIA, MBA
14 years investment experience.

Malcolm Chapman
Malcolm, Chief Investment Officer of ABSA Asset Management, is a graduate of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa and completed the UNISA School of Business Leadership Advanced Executive Programme. He has held senior positions in the banking industry in South Africa and has nineteen years of experience in the investment area. He is Chief Investment Officer with overall responsibility for ABSA Asset Management's investment portfolios.
P J Badenhorst, B.Comm: Law
Anthony Gibson, BCom
Tony has been with Coronation Fund Managers since its inception in 1993 as chief investment officer and portfolio manager. Prior to that he spent eight years as a portfolio manager with Syfrets Managed Assets and seven years with UAL in the fields of investment research and portfolio management.
Sybrandt du Preez, M Eng (Cum Laude), MBA (Cum Laude)
After working as a professional engineer for four years, Sybrandt completed his MBA studies (full time) and joined Coronation Fund Managers as an investment analyst. At Coronation he specialised in index fund management, derivative structuring and trading with specific responsibility for portfolio trade implementation. Sybrandt left Coronation and later joined Old Mutual Asset Managers' structured investment team where he was responsible for the management and development of structured investments. During this time Sybrandt was instrumental in developing and managing OMAM's Absolute Return Fund that grew in size to R7bn under his tenure. After five years at OMAM Sybrandt resigned to become a founder member of the Sortino Group.
Charles Graham
Charles Graham, known for his excellent track record as the manager of the Norwich Unit Trust in its heyday and the Brait Accelerated Growth since inception.
Charles is an active trader whose eye for niche growth opportunities is well known. With 20 years of experience he is well equipped to select investments with the desired qualities. Derivatives are used for an extra gearing effect in the portfolio.
Warren Brown, PhD, MBA
Key Individual, Head of Multimangement, Warren Brown brings with him extensive experience in Derivatives, Fixed Interest, Equities and Multi management. Starting his career as a derivative analyst at HSBC, he joined Syfrets and became CIO of Community Growth and portfolio manager of their flagship Unit Trust Fund. Warren then joined Old Mutual's Multimanager Symmetry as Head of Fixed Interest. As CEO of Investment Consulting at Vunani Fund Solutions and more recently Independent Actuaries and Consultants, Warren combined his asset management experience with fund solution experience.
Brendan Burgess, B.BusSc(UCT), B.Com(Hons)(UNISA)
Prior experience includes that as Senior Portfolio Manager and Sector Head of the Small Capitalisation sector at Old Mutual. Brendan was also the Portfolio Manager of the highly successful Small Companies Fund of Old Mutual Unit Trusts.
Tony Bell, MBA, B&A Hons, BCompt (Hons), CFA
Tony has been with NIB Asset Management for 6 years and heads up a team of investment professionals, he is head of the strategy team, formulating strategy for all corporate pension funds, he has direct responsibility for investment processes, portfolio modelling, risk assessment of corporate accounts, model portfolio formulation, fundamental and technical research and performance attribution analysis.
Hugh Broadhurst, B Com (Hons), CA(SA), CFA
Spent five years with Coronation Asset Management. He was head of research for SMA for seven years. He also spent two years in industry as a financial manager and has six years experience in Auditing with Pim Golding.
Tony Bell, BCom (Hons), MBA
Tony manages our range of target return, absolute return and managed equity product offerings. He has over 24 years investment experience and was previously the chief investment officer of Syfrets and Nedcor Investment Bank Asset Management (NIBAM). Tony joined the company in 2000 as head of business development, returning to his fund management roots in October 2008.
After assuming responsibility for the target return funds, Tony worked with Fernando Durrell to develop a sophisticated asset allocation framework that is able to adjust to a range of different macro environments. This process, together with active stock and bond selection has had a marked impact on the performance of Vunani Fund Managers’ suite of target return funds. Tony has, in addition, worked with Fernando in developing the absolute return offering.

Tony holds a Masters degree from the University of Stellenbosch. His thesis explored determinants of the price formation process of equities.
Nic Christodoulou
Johan Bakkes, BCom Ed Hons
Johan is the CEO and co-founder of Corporate Money Managers (Pty) Limited and manages portfolios in excess of R1.4 billion. Johan is an interest-bearing specialist and since 1980 has managed interest-bearing portfolios and risk in banking, treasury, investment management and the academic environment. He originated cash management (a mix of treasury management and money market management) in South Africa well before the advent of unit trust money market funds. His understanding of the risk and liquidity characteristics of interest rate instruments across the yield-curve makes him a versatile investment manager. He consistently features in the upper performance rankings in both segregated and pooled portfolios.
Henrik du Toit
Hannes du Preez, BCom (Hons) Econ, MCom
Hannes started his career at the Central Economic Advisory Service in 1987 where he worked in the government finance division. In 1991 he joined a large financial institution, where he gained experience as financial economist and was appointed Head: Financial Economic Unit as well as chairman of the Interest Rate Committee. In 1993 he transferred to their asset management division as Head: Fixed Interest Rate Securities. In June 1995, he joined RMB Asset Management as Head: Interest-Bearing Securities.
Wayne Graham, BCom (Hons) CFA
He joined Old Mutual in 1989 and was tasked with writing information systems for the investment area. With this understanding of the complex information systems required in the portfolio management area of the Group, he was appointed equity analyst in 1991.
Jenny Ferrini, BCom CA(SA)
This small integrated team of professionals have developed a dynamic approach to investment management. The key to their investment success centres on dedicated team effort and investment flexibility. While portfolio manager Jenny Ferrini - BComm CA(SA) - is ultimately responsible for the performance of BoE Emerging Focus Fund, she is supported by highly motivated and talented individuals. Jenny joined the team in 1994.
Kimon Boyiatjis
Kimon is the founding member and managing director of Trident Capital. As managing director of the business, his primary function is to establish and nurture a small team of investment specialists who share his passion. He commenced his career more than 20 years ago, garnering valuable experience along the way. As well as working as a bond and equity derivatives trader for numerous investment houses within the local industry, he spent a year at Integro Holdings in London (Investec). On his return to South Africa, he was instrumental in the set up and running of the equity and derivative division of District Securities Bank.

In 1996, he joined NIB/Syfrets, where he was head of fixed income, dealing and alternative investments (including unit trusts, institutional funds and the first hedge fund). After a period of 5 years, Kimon moved over to ABSA Asset Management Group, Abvest, to head up the fixed income, alternative investments and trading teams, and was appointed a director. In 2006, Kimon realised his ambition of opening a specialist asset management company. Received S&P Best Fund Award 2000.
Theo Botha, B Com (Hons), CFA
From 1989 to December 1998, Theo worked for UAL/NIB Asset Management and then joined Liberty Asset Management in January 1999 as a research sector head. His expertise covers the luxury goods, beverages, tobacco, food retail and food manufacturing subsectors.
Deon Gouws
Deon has spend the last four and a half years in the asset management industry and is currently the head of equity research at Old Mutual Asset Managers (South Africa). In this capacity, he supervises a team of more than 20 investment professionals, whose collective responsibility it is not only to analyse and value companies listed across the board of the JSE, but also to formulate a house view in terms of which an equity portfolio amounting to some R120 billion is structured on a continuous basis. In addition Deon was appointed portfolio manager to the Investors' Fund with effect from 1 May 2000.
Gerhard Cruywagen, B.Sc.(Hons), D.Phil, CFA
Rhodes Scholar with a doctorate in Mathematics.
Tactical Asset Allocation expertise.
Previously employed by Franklin Asset Management.
Cecil Callahan, BA; MS Management; CFA
Cecil Callahan joined Franklin Templeton Asset Management as Chief Investment Officer in 1997 after six years as Senior Portfolio Manager at Invesco, USA. Prior to this he was director of public securities investments at TIAA-CREFF and a vice-president at Drexel Burnham Lambert in New York. He began his career as a bank examiner for the US Federal Reserve Bank in 1983.
Fairfax Gray, ACIS
Has twenty-one years investment experience (ten years with HSBC Simpson McKie). He has managed the fund since its inception.
 Deutsche Morgan Grenfell
Deutsche Morgan Grenfell are responsible for the Large Cap sector of the fund.
Heinrich Dietzsch
Marc Beckenstrater, B.Sc.Eng, MBA
Marc is Chief Investment Officer at Prudential Investment Managers. With over 20 years’ experience in investment management, Marc joined Prudential in 1999 and until December 2009 was the Head of Equity. He is responsible for equity research decision-making and performance, and heads the balanced mandate asset allocation process. Marc is Portfolio Manager of Prudential’s Balanced Fund and co-Manager of the Dividend Maximiser, both of which have won Raging Bull and Morningstar Awards.
Adam Ebrahim, BSocSc (Hons); CA (SA); CFA
Adam Ebrahim was educated at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where he received his B.Soc.Sc (Hons) degree. Thereafter he completed a post graduate diploma in accounting and was admitted as a chartered accountant and auditor in South Africa. Following the completion of his qualification as a chartered accountant, Adam completed the Association for Investment Management and Research’s Chartered Financial Analyst Programme, qualifying as a chartered financial analyst.

Adam has worked for Deloitte & Touche in South Africa and in London and has also gained work experience as an analyst, portfolio manager, director, and partner of a prominent asset management organisation. He currently serves as a member of the South African Minister of Finance’s Collective Investment Scheme Advisory Committee.
Kathleen Cave, BCom; BAcc; CA (SA)
Kathleen Cave is an DGM (Deputy General Manager) at Liberty Asset Management (Libam). She worked in an auditing practice for three years and for Standard Bank Project Finance for approximately the same length of time. Kathy then specialised in investments, spending six years with Liberty Asset Management, one year with Gensec and two years with Fleming Martin. She rejoined Libam in 1998.
Thane Duff, BCom; BAcc; CA (SA); ACMA; Advanced Taxation
He has three years experience in fund management and one year in fund accounting at Liberty Asset Management. He has also spent two years in tax consulting at Deloitte & Touche and two years at the South African Revenue Services.
Mark Arthur, BSc. Eng (Mining); MBA (UCT)
After gaining production experience in the gold mining industry he completed an MBA at UCT in 1995. He joined Standard Equities in February 1996 and was responsible for the analysis of the gold sector. He was transfered to Standard Asset Management in January 1998.
Craig Butters, Bsc (Statistics); CA (SA)
Craig is a Portfolio Manager at Prudential Investment Managers, with 19 years’ experience. He is co-Portfolio Manager of the Prudential Equity Fund and is also a member of Prudential’s Investment Committee. He is also responsible for equity research on banks and other financial and industrial stocks.
Haydn Franckeiss, BCom; BAcc; CA (SA)
Formerly at Liberty Asset Management. Joined Gensec Asset Management in January 1999.
Doug Drysdale, BCom
He has been in the investment portfolio management field for twenty four years with special emphasis on fixed interest for the past eighteen years. Has managed the Fund since soon after inception of the Fund in 1987.
Kobus Esterhuysen, BComm (Actuarial); Hons (B&A); Cum Laude
Lance Coogan, BSc.
Lance was previously the Head of Equities and Head of Derivatives at UBS South Africa between May 1997 and February 1998. Before that, he was an Executive Director of UBS South Africa and Director of Lorenzani & Coogan, a stockbroking firm.
Brett Bishop, B Com, LLB, H Dip (Tax), CFP
Peter du Toit, BCom (Econ), A.C.I.S, AEP. Cum Laude
Peter is a former chairman and current board member of the Investment Analysts Society and has been active in the investment and fund management industry for over 40 years. He joined Rezco to focus on new investment initiatives for South African investors.
Shaun Bruyns, B Com (Hons), CFA
Shaun joined RMB Asset Management in 1996 after completing his studies. Shaun started his career as a trainee analyst in the equity research team. Shaun currently heads up the consumer industrials research team and is the joint portfolio manager of the RMB Equity Fund, the RMB Industrial Fund and the FNB Growth Fund.
Chris Freund, B Comm, B Compt (Hons), CA (SA), CFA
Chris is the head of South Africa Multi-Asset at Investec Asset Management and the lead portfolio manager for our General Equity Strategy. He joined the company in 2006 from Futuregrowth Asset Management, where he served as head of equities and portfolio manager from 2001. Chris joined RMB Asset Management in 1993, where he spent nine years as an analyst, portfolio manager and ultimately, director. During this time, he managed a number of portfolios, including balanced portfolios for many retirement funds as well as the RMB General Equity Unit Trust. Still with RMBAM, he relocated to Cape Town in 2000 to take responsibility for the PIC equity portfolio outsourced by Futuregrowth, before formally joining Futuregrowth in 2001.
Chris began his career in 1991, when after completing his articles, he joined JD Anderson as a banks/insurance analyst. Chris graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and holds a Bachelor of Computationis (Honours) (Certificate in Theory of Accounting) degree from the University of South Africa. Chris is a Chartered Accountant (SA) as well as a CFA Charterholder.

Charles Booth, BSc(Eng); MBA; CFA
Charles heads the research division of RMB Asset Management. Charles previously spent nine years as a senior partner at a major firm of stockbrokers. During this time he was a member of the JSE and was responsible for portfolio management and research.
Ricco Friedrich, B Bus Sc (Finance); CA; CFA
  • 1998: Completed articles at Grant Thornton Kessel Feinstein
  • Joined Franklin Asset Management (senior research analyst)
  • Joined SIM in 1999 on the industrial team as an equity analyst
  • 2002 - 2006: Head of small caps at Sanlam Investment Management
  • Current: Head of unconstrained equities
Andrew Canter, MSc (Finance) Bryant College USA, CFA
He was the Fixed Interest Manager at RMB Asset Management before joining Southern Asset Management in 1998. He is the team leader for Fixed Interest Assets.
Core Equity Fund
The fund is managed by the Core Fund team, which comprises:
Alberto Bottega Bsc, PhD (Phys)
Malcolm Fair B Bus Sci (Actuarial)
Charles de Kock, BCom (Hons), MCom (Econ)
Charles is a senior portfolio manager with 25 years' investment experience. He plays a leadership role in the asset allocation process and is responsible for the management of a number of institutional client portfolios. Charles also co-manages the Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund. As a senior member of the team he is involved in all investment discussions and is a popular speaker at client presentations.

John Biccard, B Com (Hons), CFA
John is a portfolio manager at Investec Asset Management with responsibility for the value equity capability, and the Investec Value Fund unit trust. John joined Investec Asset Management in May 2000 as the sector head of industrials, a position he held until early 2003. Prior to Investec Asset Management, John worked at Simpson McKie Stockbrokers (now HSBC Securities). From 1990 to 1996 he was an analyst in the retail, construction, furniture, motor, media and general industrial sectors, and was ranked in the Financial Mail rankings between 1991 and 1996 in most of these sectors, achieving the top ranking in retail in 1994. From 1996 John was head of financial and industrial research at Simpson McKie and was a director of the company. In 1998 he joined HSBC Asset Management as a director of Institutional Asset Management and managed the Momentum Equity Fund (previously called the Sage Fund) from December 1998. John obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics from the University of the Witwatersrand and his Honours through the University of South Africa. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder.
Darryll Castle, BSc. (Eng); BCom; MBA
Darryll holds a BSc (Eng), BCom, MBA and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Before joining Libam in 1998, Darryll was employed by Billiton as a management trainee in the Coal Division reporting to the Managing Director. He manages the Liberty Prosperity Fund, Liberty Capital Focus Fund, the Liberty Small Companies Fund, the Standard Bank Growth Fund and the Standard Bank Gold Fund. Darryll also co-ordinates the investment process with respect to small companies and new listings, and is a research analyst in the Resources sector.
Juan Bekker, SAIFM
Juan joined ABAM in January 2008 and is responsible for the management of ABAM's largest fund, the ABSA Money Market Fund. He also manages the ABSA Income Fund along with other segregated fixed interest funds. Juan entered the asset management industry in 1989 when he joined Senbank Portfolio Management Services, in the fixed interest department. In 1994 he joined Liberty Asset Management where he was responsible for managing the Guard Bank Money Market Fund, along with segregated fixed interest funds. In 2001 Liberty Asset Management and Standard Bank Asset Managers merged to form Stanlib Asset Management, here he managed the Stanlib Institutional Money Market Fund, the Botswana Pula Money Market Fund, the Namibia Cash Plus Fund as well as segregated fixed interest funds.
Carel De Ridder, BSc.(Hons), BCom.MBA, MCSSA, Filpa,Dip Datametric
He joined Southern Life as portfolio manager in November 1987. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of FirstRand International Asset Managers In Febuary 1998.

ipac Asset Managers
ipac manages more than R30 billion for more than 30 000 investors worldwide. Founded in 1983 in Australia, ipac has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Taiwan and now South Africa, with plans to expand into the USA and Japan.
ipac determines the portfolio's objectives, including the return target, and the degree of risk acceptable to achieve that target. ipac then researches the market and appoints the most appropriate securities managers to achieve these objectives. After appointing securities managers, ipac monitors their portfolio performance and investment processes to ensure that the appointments remain appropriate. ipac makes extensive use of qualitative models including risk assessment, attibution analyses and optimisation models in this process.
Mimi Ferrini, BCom
Mimi joined Kaplan and Stewart Stockbrokers in 1988, working in back-office operations before moving on to the equity-dealing floor and trading arbitrage on NASDAQ. He also worked in the private client department and assisted in the corporate finance department. He completed his BCom degree through UNISA whilst gaining practical experience in investments. He joined Investec Guinness Flight in 1992, as an administrator and one of the founder members. He then moved on to the equity dealing side and subsequently became Chief Dealer. Domenico manages the Gilt Fund, which is one of the top performing funds over the 3 and 5 year periods in that category. In addition to his fund management responsibilities, he is responsible for the co-ordination of all dealing activities locally, (including bond, money market, equity and derivative dealing), as well as the international dealing activity including all asset swap transactions.
Domenico is a director of Investec Guinness Flight. He was appointed to the board of Investec Guinness Flight in May 1998.
Doug Blatch, B.Com; Graduate Diploma in Accountancy; CA (SA)
Doug previously worked for Ernst and Young GmbH in Berlin, Germany. He joined Investec Asset Management in April 1996 as an investment analyst, focussing specifically on quantitative analysis.

In addition to his fund management responsibilities, Doug is also accountable for all derivatives trading.
Chris Carter, Economics; Philosophy
Chris joined Martin Paterson Associates as an investment consultant, advising large UK institutional clients in the areas of investment manager research, selection and performance measurement.
In 1984 Chris joined Bank of America Investment Management and participated in the management buy out of the firm, subsequently named Worldinvest. In 1991 he joined CIGNA Investments as head of International Equities, responsible asset allocation policy and the management of its global equity investment team.
In 1994 Chris was headhunted by UBS to head up their Global Investment Strategy team. He then joined Investec Guiness Flight in April 1998 as Head of Global Strategy and portfolio manager for the investec Global Managed Fund.
Rob Forsyth, B.Bus.Sc (Finance)
Head of our Industrials, Consumers and Technology Sector. Rob graduated from the University of Cape Town, with a Bachelor of Business Science (Finance) degree. He joined Investec Asset Management in 1995 as an investment analyst. In 2003, Rob was made Sector Head of the Industrials, Consumers and Technology Sector. As a result, he is the Portfolio Manager of the Momentum Industrial Fund (previously called the Sage Industrial Fund), and an industrial fund building block for Fairbairn Capital's Investment Frontiers platform.
Jeremy Gardiner, BCom (Accounts), BCom (Hons) Economics
Jeremy joined Investec Bank’s Property Finance Division in 1991, where he remained for 2 years. In 1993 Jeremy transferred to Investec Asset Management. He became a portfolio manager with special responsibility for the Private Clients area.

Jeremy is currently a portfolio manager for Investec Guinness Flight. He is responsible for the retail area of the business, which includes heading up the Private Clients area as well as the Unit Trust Division. He manages multiple private client portfolios, several pension fund portfolios and is the portfolio manager for the Investec Select Fund of Funds.
Loftie Botha, BEng (Ind); BCom (Hons); MCom (Bus Management)
Loftie started his career as an engineer and moved into asset management in 1994 as an industrial analyst with the Mines Pension Fund. He joined ABSA Asset Management in 1998 as an analyst and later managed the ABSA General Equity Fund. He later became a senior portfolio manager at Huysamer Capital Investments. In 2006, he joined Umbono Fund Managers, an OMIGSA boutique, as a quantitative fund manager before being promoted to CIO of the boutique. Loftie joined Metropolitan Asset Managers in Feb 2010 as
the head of absolute strategies and was appointed portfolio manager for Absolute Return Funds at Momentum Asset Management in 2011.
Bruce Grater, B.Bus.Sc, CA (SA)
Bruce is currently responsible for managing various global technology mandates and acts as the portfolio manager of the Old Mutual Global Technology Unit Trust Fund.
Nicholas Downing, BA (Hons) Cambridge; MBA (UCT)
Armin Diem, B Soc Sc (Hons) Economics, CFA
Armin began his career at Protea Assurance as an Analyst and Fund Manager of life funds. He then joined Appleton as Head of SA Asset Management for 5 years and International Asset Management for 1 year.

Armin then formed his own asset management company called Alpha Macro Fund Managers and managed the Sasfin Managed Fund and Absolute Alpha Long/Short Equity Fund for 8 years. Armin has 25 years fund management experience.
Adrian Clayton, B Soc Sc (UCT), PDM (UCT): SAFEX, MBL (Unisa)
Nick Goodwin, BSc(Eng); PR(Eng)
Nick has extensive portfolio management experience. He joined Fedsure Asset Management in 1995 as a Portfolio Manager, Mining Analyst and Head of Research. Prior to joining FEDAM, Nick was a partner and Director of Research at EW Balderson Inc. Stockbrokers (1984 - 1995) and prior to this he was employed by Edey Rogers & Co Inc. Stockbrokers as a mining analyst.
Keith Bright, C Eng; BSc.(Eng) MBL
Keith practised as a Metallurgical Engineer in the mining industry before joining the stockbroking fraternity where he became a rated analyst. At FEDAM his responsibilities include the analysis of mining and resource shares and portfolio management.
Trevor Dace, BSc.; MBA
Relevant work experience:

Old Mutual (1980-1987): Investment Research (mining), equity dealing and client liaison.
Max Pollak and Freemantle (Stock Broker)(1988-1990): Investment Research.
Deutsche Morgan Grenfell (1990-1997): Investment Research
Absa Asset Management (1997-date): Head of Research
Total Investment Experience: 21 years
Gensec is responsible for the Large Caps sector of the fund.
Neville Chester, BCom, CA (SA), CFA
Neville has 14 years' investment experience and is a member of the executive committee. He spent four years as a research analyst within the financial services team at Old Mutual Asset Managers analysing banks and co-managing the financial fund. He joined Coronation in 2000 and in 2001 started managing segregated portfolios. Neville currently manages institutional portfolios within Coronation's aggressive equity portfolio range and the Coronation Market Plus fund. He also co-manages the Coronation Top 20 Fund.
Maqhawe Dlamini, BSc., MBA
Mac completed his BSc. and Diploma in Education at the University of Swaziland in 1990. Thereafter, he joined the Teaching Services Commission as a mathematics and science teacher at high school level for six months, before joining Coca-Cola Swaziland as a Quality Assurance Chemist. After four years he left to study for his MBA at Wits Business School for two years on a full-time basis.
He joined Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank through the bank's Accelerated Training Programme in 1997. The programme took him through most of the bank's divisions before settling down in the Asset Management Division in 1998. His initial responsibility was Risk Management, using the BARRA Aegis Risk Management System, together with Indexation training under Norman MacKechnie, using these skills on the Index Fund under Norman's supervision. Mac has since assumed full responsibility of the Standard Bank Index Fund.
Malcolm Charles, B Com (Acc), (Bus Admin) (Commercial Law)
Malcolm is a portfolio manager in the South Africa Rates team, with responsibility for a range of fixed income portfolios, including the Flexible Bond and Dynamic Bond strategies and the Absolute Income,
Opportunity Income and Diversified Income strategies. Prior to joining Investec Asset Management in 2001, he worked for African Harvest Fund Managers and Old Mutual Asset Managers, as both a fixed interest trader
and portfolio manager. Malcolm graduated from Rhodes University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting, Business Administration and Commercial Law.
Winston Floquet, CA (SA); MBA
Eugene Goosen, BCom (Hons); MCom
Eugene started his career at a large financial institution gaining a broad range of experience in their treasury and risk management services. He joined RMB Asset Management in 1994 as an equity derivative dealer and is currently head of the derivatives, structured products and quantitative services team. He was involved with the RMB Top 40 Index since its inception and took over management of the fund in March 1999.
Susan Brinkman, CA(SA)
Prior experience
- 3 years Syfrets Managed Assets - primarily as an equity analyst
- 2 years Prudential portfolio managers - Equity analyst and portfolio manager
She joined Southern Asset Management in January 1997 as an equity analyst and portfolio manager
B Bishop, BComm LLB, H.Dip Tax, FILPA
Brett is responsible for asset allocation and sector selection within the Edge Investment environment. Before joining Edge Investments, he was an associate director at Deloitte & Touche Durban, managing private client equity portfolios.
Pieter Eksteen, BCom
Hannes Brand
Schalk de Vos, BCom (Mathematical Statistics), CAT
Schalk's areas of specialisation include portfolio management, investment risk management and derivative instruments.
He completed specialised courses on derivative strategies and portfolio management in New York and Chicago, and is currently a CFA candidate in his third year.
Prior to joining Gryphon, Schalk was responsible for managing guaranteed and segregated pension fund portfolios as well as an index unit trust.
Liesel Green, BCom (Hons) Economics (Wits), CFA
Francois Ferreira, BSc Eng (Mech) (Stellenbosch)
Johan du Preez, B.Econ.Sc, Cert. Act.Tech Cert. Invest, CFA
Trained in actuarial science
Joined Prudential South Africa in 1998
Specialises in 'deep value' funds
Derek Esterhuizen, BSC, MBL
Guy Fletcher, BSc (Hons), CFA
Guy is a director of Vunani Fund Managers and has been the Chief Investment Officer since 2001. He is responsible for all investment, operations and risk management processes within the company. Guy started his career at Southern Life as an Actuarial Assistant and then moved to Southern Life Asset Management where he joined as an Equity Analyst. Guy held senior positions at Southern Life Asset Management including Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Strategist as well as the Head of Core Equity, Core Fixed Income and Active Quantitative teams. In 1998 he joined Nedcor Investment Bank Asset Management as the Strategist. Guy co-founded NIB Quants in 1999 and left to join Vunani Fund Managers in 2000.
Paul Crawford, BSc Eng (Elec), MBA CFA
After graduating Paul spent 5 years at Eskom in the engineering field and then moved into the financial services industry, firstly working for Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank's interest rate productions division for 2 years and then joining the asset management industry in 1999. After 5years at RMB Asset Management, Paul moved to the newly formed Momentum Alternative Investments where he managed numerous hedge funds and specialised segregated mandates. Paul joined Fairtree in 2013 and is responsible for managing the Proton Fund, as well as setting the investment strategy for the credit team.
Christopher Craddock, BCom (Hons)
Chris has been with Coronation Fund Managers for two and a half years in investment trading, investment research and quantitative analysis.
 Capital International Limited
The company was founded in 1931 and is one of the oldest major investment firms in the US. It has a strong research focus, which is based on stock selection with a long-term value orientation. The company is privately owned by approximately 300 active key investment and administrative people. The Capital Group currently has approximately $580bn in assets under discretionary management. This total figure includes a $371bn mutual fund operation known as the American Funds Group. The balance is made up of over 900 institutional clients worldwide with assets under management of approximately $209bn.
Abri du Plessis, MCom (Econometrics)
Abri’s position at Gryphon is that of Economist and Portfolio Manager where his primary focus is on the multi-asset service offering - a role that sees his wealth of quantitative experience put to effective use. He is involved in co-managing the Money Market Fund and Equity Tracker solutions. Abri’s experience spans all aspects of the industry and market and, having co-founded Gryphon, he is instrumental in the strategic direction of the group.
Reuben Beelders, BCom (Hons), CA (SA), CFA
Reuben is CIO as well as a Portfolio Manager. Having served as the Head of Strategy, he has experience covering most asset classes. Reuben also chairs the Gryphon Investment Committee. He has been an industry professional since 1996, has commercial and accounting experience, is a Chartered Accountant and is a Chartered Financial Analyst Charter holder.
Mawenzi Asset Managers
Mawenzi Asset Managers (originally Brait Asset Managers) has been appointed based on:

  • Its innovative and talented team of people who are incentivised through performance and equity;
  • Solid investment performance during the past five years; and
  • Exceptional track records of individual managers.
Craig Chambers, BCom, Postgraduate degree: Business Administration, CFA
As head of the Dibanisa Fund Managers boutique, Craig is responsible for oversight and management of the boutique capability, boutique strategy, marketing, financials and oversight of all investment professionals.

Prior to his tenure at Dibanisa Fund Managers, he spent four years at SCMB Asset Managers as a unit trust fund manager.
Paul Clark, B.Eng (Chem), BCom
Worked at Mintek from 1988 - 1992 developing technology for the mining industry. Joined AECI in 1992 working on project development. Worked at Kynoch head office doing capital approvals and project and acquisition investigation. Joined SCMB Asset Management in September 1998 where he is responsible for Chemical, Oils & Plastic; Building & Construction; Engineering and Paper.
Malcolm Fair, B Bus Sci (Actuarial)
HSBC Asset Management
Portfolio Managers: Niall Brown and Tim Brebner
Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Portfolio Managers
 Futuregrowth Fixed Interest Team
  • Andrew Canter: BSc, CFA - Chairman of the Investment Committee and Head of Fixed Interest
  • Jason Lightfoot: BA, B Com (Hons) - Portfolio Manager
  • Daphne Botha: B Com, Diploma in Fin Markets - Portfolio Manager & Head of Dealing
  • Mei-Chi Liou: M Bus Sc (Economics) - Credit Analyst
  • Paul Semple: B Com, CIAB (SA) - Credit Analyst
  • Gerald Gondo: B Com (Hons), M Com - Credit Analyst
  • Trevor Ngubane: B Com (Finance and Economics), Postgraduate in Finance, Banking & Investment Management - Specialist Investment Administrator
  • Ziyanda Nqose: B Tech Marketing; Specialist Investment Administrator
  • Tasheem Jaffer: B Bus Sci (Finance & Accounts); Specialist Investment Administrator
Mark Brown, BCom (Hons)
X years experience
worked for Y in Z capacity
Klaus Gobel, CA(SA), CFA
Klaus is a CFA and a CA. He is also the Head of structured products at Gensec.
Justin Grant, BA (Hons), MSc, MSI (dip), AIMR
Justin joined io London in August 1999 as head of research and a portfolio manager. He previously worked for Frank Russell Co. where he gained experience of multi-manager funds as a research analyst covering SA and Asia. Justin previously worked at Sanwa AM and HSBC Investment Bank.
Aziza Galiel, BCom, GDA, CA(SA)
Work Experience:
1992 - 1994: Jnr Auditor - KPMG Cape Town
1995 - 1997: Audit Supervisor - KPMG Kuala Lampur
1997 - 1998: Equity analyst - Oasis Asset Management
1999: Joined Gensec Asset Management as an Equity Analyst
Dave Foord, B Com, CA (SA)
Dave Foord founded Foord Asset Management in 1981. Foord remains an independent, owner-controlled portfolio management business that focuses exclusively on investment management. For 30 years, Dave and the team at Foord have been delivering returns for their clients well in excess of market benchmarks. They have achieved this by consistently taking a long-term view and a contrarian approach when necessary.
Bruce Anderson, B Com, CTA, CA (SA)
Bruce is the head of research and a director of Tri-Linear Investment Managers. He is a qualified chartered accountant and holds a B Com CA (SA). He joined Fairheads in 1986 as a portfolio manager and has experience managing fixed-interest, equity and property investments on behalf of both institutional and private clients.
Chris Carter, MA (Economics and Philosophy)
Head of strategy and 21 years' experience, Chris is a global equity portfolio manager, with additional responsibilities for medium-term forecasting. Prior to joining Investec, Chris was head of the global investment strategy team at UBS, which produced and marketed strategic investment research to UBS' global institutional client base. Before he was headhunted to join UBS in 1994, Chris worked for CIGNA Investments, which he joined in 1991 as head of international equities, responsible for the company's international asset allocation policy and for the management of its global equity investment team. Previously, he worked for Bank of America Investment Management in 1984, where he participated in the management buyout of the firm, subsequently named Worldinvest. As head of equities at Worldinvest he was responsible for overall asset allocation policy and the management of the equity.
Andrea Brand, CFA
Logie Cassells
Logie J Casselss, aged 38, graduated in Finance with French and German at the European Business School and joined CCS in 1987 as a UK company research analyst. He has been managing the Hallmark Portfolio Funds since 1992 and became manager of the UK Growth Fund in November 1999.
NIB Asset Managers
Portfolio Manager - Stephen Roberts
Graham Gough, B Compt
Graham obtained a Bachelor of Accounting Science from UNISA. He holds the Junior and Ordinary South African Futures Exchange certificates. After completing his articles with Alex Aiken and Carter he joined the United Building Society (now part of the Absa Group) where he was involved in Asset Management, Treasury Management, Treasury Funding and Investment. He is currently a Senior Portfolio Manager with responsibility for Fixed Interest Portfolios managed by Abvest Associates.
Matt Brenzel, MCom
Over 38 years experience. African Harvest, Founder member of Coronation, Namibia Asset Management, Syfrets Managed Assets, SMK Securities, Bankorp Trust, Central Merchant Bank, Standard Bank.
Susan Butler, BCom, CA(SA)
Portfolio manager Susan is the head of the small caps sector at Investec Asset Management and is the portfolio manager on the Investec Emerging Companies Fund unit trust. When Investec took over Fedsure in 2001, she was tasked with restructuring the life book. Susan joined Investec Asset Management in December 2000 as an investment analyst. Susan began her career at Baker Musikanth, where she completed Articles for her Chartered Accountant qualification. In 1992, Susan joined Syfrets Asset Management as an analyst and was ultimately responsible for co-ordinating equity research. She subsequently worked at Prudential Portfolio Management and Southern Asset Management as an equity analyst and portfolio manager. While at Southern, Susan also managed empowerment equity funds for Future Growth. Susan graduated from the University of Pietermaritzburg with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is a Chartered Accountant
Ameesha Chagan, BComm
Ameesha is a money market portfolio manager. She is responsible for managing various specialist money market funds including the Old Mutual Money Market Fund. Ameesha also has fixed interest trading responsibilities within the Fixed Interest team.

Prior to joining Old Mutual Investment Group South Africa (OMIGSA), Ameesha worked at Abvest where she was responsible for fixed income portfolio management.
Andrew Farrell, IIMR Investment Management Certificate
Sarasin Fund Management (Guernsey)
Ken Cox
Ken Cox is a Senior Vice President based in Edinburgh. He has specialist responsibility for European markets, and is an analyst for France, airlines and food manufacturing sectors. He joined Franklin Templeton Investments in 1991 and is a member of the global equities group.
Ken Cox joined Franklin Templeton Investments in 1991 as a portfolio and research analyst. Mr Cox has research responsibility for the airlines, food and household products sectors and coverage of France. Mr Cox is a member of the Securities Institute.
Prior to joining the Franklin Templeton Investments, Mr Cox was employed with Murray Johnstone Ltd., in Glasgow where he managed unit trusts and had research coverage of the UK and European equities markets. In addition, Mr Cox was heavily involved with the development of a new computer system, which integrates the administration and investment management functions.
Richard Beggs, BA Economics and Statistics
Richard started his investment career in 1989 and joined INVESCO in 1995. He holds a BA degree in Economics and Statistics from Exeter University. Richard is responsible for the MSCI EAFE funds and the MSCI global funds.
Tom Dickson
John Coates
Eric Coetzee, BA (Hons) (Economics), ASC-(Institut für Weltwirts
Eric is Gryphon's Head of International Investments. He is responsible for economic research, development of econometric models for various applications in the fields of economic forecasting, quantitative analysis and asset allocation. He drives the international country and currency allocation process.
Eric's established network of global contacts, vast knowledge of economic matters and his practical experience in statistical and econometric modelling provide invaluable insight and a quantitative foundation to the team.
Scott Campbell
Steven Chamberlain, BSc Hons
Steven started his investment career in 1987 when he joined INVESCO. He holds a BSc Hons degree in Geology from Kingston University.
Julian Chillingworth, B.Sc. (Hons) (Chemistry)
Julian has been involved in investment management since 1977. He joined Global Asset Management in 1988 as investment director responsible for UK equity investment and pension fund portfolios. Julian moved to Bankers Trust in 1990 and was made a director and head of the European Equities Team. As a senior member of the asset allocation committee, he specialised in the management of E.R.I.S.A accounts. In 1994 Julian joined Hambros.

Julian is responsible for UK Equities and Balanced Funds, and in this capacity is responsible to pension fund and charity clients for all aspects of our service. Julian is also deputy head of equities and chairman of the Weekly Equity Group meeting at which sector specialists make clear any recommendations that they have and discuss market themes and overall sector recommendations.
Robert Conlon, B.Sc. Hons (Mathematical Physics) (First Class)
Robert Conlon is the chief investment officer and director of Investec Asset Management Asia Limited. With more than ten years investment experience, he is responsible for the day-to-day management of the investment team. Robert was a senior investment manager with Ivory & Sime. For the past five years, he has been based in Hong Kong where he has concentrated upon stock selection in the markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. Prior to his posting to Hong Kong, he spent two years in Ivory & Sime's headquarters in Scotland managing small cap. US portfolios. This followed a two-year posting to New York where he developed investment and stock selection skills analysing small and blue-chip US companies. Mr Conlon graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First Class Honours in Mathematical Physics.
Paul Brain, Association of London Institute of Bankers
After initial experience at Midland Bank, Paul joined Baring Brothers portfolio management department in 1982. Following periods at both Sanwa International and Manufacturers Hanover Investment Limited as a multicurrency fixed income manager, he was recruited by Credit Suisse Asset Management in 1991. Here he was an associate director, European fixed income fund manager and currency overlay strategist.

Paul joined Investec Asset Management in March 1995, and became a member of the Global Bond and Currency Team. He is currently head of the Retail Fixed Income area. Paul is responsible for the co-ordination of Investec Asset Management Bond strategy and he heads up our corporate bond function.
Mark Greenberg, BSBA Economics, CFA
Mark started his investment career in 1980 and joined INVESCO in 1996. He attended City University in London, and received a BSBA degree in Economics with a specialisation in Finance at Marquette University. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Mark Dowding, BSc (Hons)
Mark started his investment career in 1993 and joined INVESCO in February 2000. He holds a BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Warwick.
Henry Chan, BSc (Econ), CFA
Henry started his investment career in 1995 when he joined INVESCO. He holds a BSc (Econ) degree from the University of London. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Anton du Preez, B.Acc, CA(SA), ACMA
Before joining PSG Asset Management, Anton was Chief Ínvestment Officer of BJM Asset Management. His area of specialisation is share selection and fundamental analysis. During 1997 he was noted in the consumer sector as an analyst with ABN AMRO.
Mark Astley
Lucy Bartlett
Adrian Brass, BSc (Econ and Politics), CFA
Adrian is the manager of the GSF Global Equity Fund and the Worldwide Equity Feeder Fund, with additional responsibilities for analysis of the Consumer Sector.

Previously, Adrian managed the $115m Investec Global Growth Fund and was co-head of the Global Technology sector. Prior to joining Investec, Adrian worked for Schroder Investment Management where he spent five years as an analyst covering the Technology Hardware and Industrial sectors. In his last year he was head of the Pan-European Industrials and Technology Hardware team.

Adrian graduated from the University of Bristol in 1995 with a BSc Joint Honours in Economics and Politics. He is a CFA charter holder and has completed the IMRO member exams.
Gary Clarke
Gary is located in London.
Steve Cordell
Steve is located in London.
Andrew Cope
Andrew is located in London.
Rita Dhut
John Bearman
Nigel Dutson, BSc Joint Hons (Mathematics and Economics)
Portfolio manager and sector head: industrials 21 years experience Nigel Dutson is a member of the UK and Global teams and is head of the Industrial sector team. Prior to joining Investec, he worked for Schroder Investment Management where he was responsible for UK equity institutional funds valued at £2 billion and a member of the FTSE 100 team, which set policy across the largest UK stock market constituents. Before that, Nigel managed European equity portfolios for Hill Samuel Investment Management from 1988 to 1996. Nigel is a graduate of Surrey University with a BSc Joint Hons. Mathematics & Economics.
Kenneth Flaherty
Richard Brody
Matthew de Wet, B Sc, CFA
Joanne Baynham, CA (SA)
Paul Griffiths, BSc (Hons) Physics, SFA
Paul Griffiths is head of global fixed income. Prior to joining Investec Asset Management in July 2000, Paul held a similar position at Invesco Asset Management, where he was responsible for assets in excess of $5 billion. Personally, he was responsible for, amongst others, the INVESCO GT Bond Fund, with performance that won him the Investment International Fixed Interest Fund Manager of the Year award in 1996, 1998 and 1999, and was runner up in 1997. Before joining LGT, Paul spent gained experience as senior global fixed interest and currency portfolio manager at Lazard Investors and Sanwa International, and as a credit analyst at the Royal Bank of Canada. Paul graduated from the University of York with an honours degree in Physics, and passed his SFA exam in 1990.
Guy Ester, BEng (Hons), PhD
Dr Ester holds both BEng and PhD degrees from the University of Bath. He began his career as an investment consultant for the consulting actuaries Willem M. Mercer. He joined Insinger de Beaufort Asset Management in 1999 and is responsible for the management of the Multi-Manager portfolios, the manager selection process and fund research.
David Gibb, BSc (Med), CA, CFA
David Gibb has a BSc (Med) degree from the University of Cape Town together with CA (SA) and CFA qualifications. Having joined the local investment industry in 1994, David has many years of experience in both equity research and fund management, including running the equity research team at Stanlib. His focus is global investments with a bias towards equities. David runs the Anchor BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund.
Melanie Da Costa, B Com (Hons); M Com
Melanie is currently completing the Chartered Financial Analyst programme. She started her career as an investment analyst with stockbroker Boner Freemantle in 1994. In 1995 she joined Investec Securities where she obtained the number one rating for the medical and pharmaceutical sector in 1998. Melanie joined LIBAM in 1998 and heads up the Information Technology and Medical Pharmaceutical Sectors.
Greg Eckersley
Sarine Dreyer
Sarine is Investec's information technology sector analyst.
Andrew Callender, BA Modern Languages, Oxford
Andrew started his investment career in 1987, and joined INVESCO in 1987. He holds a BA degree in Modern Languages from Oxford University.
Julie Dean
Julie is located in London.
Jeroen Boot, Business Economics, University of Rotterdam
Mr Boot holds a Masters degree in Business Administration (University of Rotterdam), specialised himself in Strategic Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and is a member of the Institute for Investment Management and Research in London. He worked as a project and account manager for a consultancy company in Rotterdam and was portfolio manager and analyst for Carlson Investment Management in London before joining Insinger de Beaufort Asset Management as a fund manager in 1999.
Adrian Farthing
Adrian joined Old Mutual Asset Managers (UK) in September 2000 as head of european equity. He was previously head of continental european equities and head of large cap Pan-European equity research at Hill Samuel Asset Management. Adrian joined Equitable Life as assistant fund manager European equities. In 1990 he moved to Bankers Trust Investment Management as European equities fund manager. In 1994 Adrian joined Lloyds Investment Management as European equities fund manager as they merged with Hill Samuel Asset Management.

Adrian has a BA(Hons) in Economics and Social Studies at Manchester. He is an Affliliate of Society of Investment Professionals.
Peter Best, BA (Hons), ASIP
1998 - date: Structured equity portfolio manager, Old Mutual Asset Managers (UK)
1997 - 1998: Market strategist, AMP Asset Management
1993 - 1997: Quantitativeanalyst, Scottish Equitable
1990 - 1993: Portfolio manager - US equities, Scottish Equitable
1988 - 1990: Investment analyst, Scottish Equitable

He has a BA in Chemistry from the University of Oxford. He holds the Diploma of The Securities Institute. He was awarded The Graham and Dodd Award for Excellence in 1998 from the Association of the Investment Management and Research. Corporate Member of the Institute for Quantitative Investment Research and an Affiliate of Society of Investment Professionals.
Joerg Bartenstein, MSEconomics
Joerg started his investment career in 1985 and joined INVESCO in 1988. He holds an MS Economics degree from the University of Dortmund.
Markus Bachmann
 Coronation Fund Managers
For the Aggressive Fund, Coronation has proposed their house view with specific adjustments appropriate for a more aggressive portfolio. Their house view is essentially GARP (growth at a reasonable price) with a very strong focus on stock selection. The aggressive adjustments will include allowing the manager freedom in taking larger bets on stock and sector level, investing in smaller caps, and holding stocks for a shorter period of time.

Morné Marais is the designated manager. He has built up a good track record in managing similar mandates at Coronation.

On a similar SYmmETRY aggressive equity mandate Coronation has performed above target for the year ending March 2001.
Adiel Behardien
Dawid Ferreira
Philip Chappell
Ian Cooke
Patricia Bridson, AIIMR,
Trish has a total of twelve years' industry experience, including managing the top-performing Dresdner RCM North American Fund.
Keiran Gallagher
Keiran Gallagher joined Newton in 1993 and is Head of European Equities and a member of Newton’s Investment Committee. Prior to joining Newton, Keiran was employed as a Fund Manager specialising in European equities at Sun Life where he worked for five years. His first role after graduating was at IBM (NZ) where he worked from 1985 to 1988 as a Corporate Planning Analyst. He graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.
Paul Butler
Paul Butler is a Fund Manager with responsibility for global equity mandates and is also a member of the Overseas Equities Policy Group. An Associate Member of the Institute of Investment Management and Research, Paul has been with Newton since 1986. Initially, he was employed as an Equity Analyst. Paul graduated from Cambridge in 1986 with an MA Honours degree in Natural Sciences.
Martin Batty
Martin Batty is Leader of the Asia Pacific Regional Team, a member of the Portfolio Analysis Group and the Investment Committee. Fluent in Japanese, Martin joined Newton in 1993 as a Japanese equity analyst. Between 1990 and 1992, Martin undertook a two-year MBA course at the London Business School. Between 1985 and 1990, he was employed in the NatWest Corporate Banking Division as an Assistant Accounts Executive providing corporate financial services to Japanese multi-nationals in the UK.
Stewart Cowley, BSc (Physics), DPhil (Physics)
Apart from being head of the Fixed Income team, Stewart also manages the Old Mutual Global Strategic Bond Fund, Old Mutual Global Bond Fund, Old Mutual Dynamic Bond Fund and various institutional mandates.

He is a highly experienced global bond manager with over two decades' investment experience and an exceptional long-term track record. He has won numerous awards during his fund management career. Stewart managed two global bond funds at Newton, both of which were rated AAA by Standard & Poor's and OBSR.

Stewart was head of Fixed Income at Newton Investment Management from 2000 to 2009. He was also joint CIO/head of Global Fixed Interest at Hill Samuel Asset Management between 1995 and 1998.

Stewart also took up the position as head of Fixed Interest at Invesco Asset Management for two years.
Terence Craig, BBusSc (Hons), CA (SA), CFA
Terence joined Element Investment Managers in April 2001 and was appointed as a director and chief investment officer. He has worked in financial services since 1991. Prior to joining Element Investment Managers, Terence qualified as a chartered accountant after completing his articles with Ernst & Young and then worked at Allan Gray Ltd as an equity analyst and portfolio manager. In 1998 he became a director of Taita, a private equity house. At UCT he was awarded: Standard Bank University Scholarship, UCT Entrance Merit Scholarship, was on the Dean's Merit List in 1988 and was awarded the class medal for Business Finance (his Business Science special field) and the class medal for Applied Business Statistics II. Terence has been responsible for the investment process and investment team since joining Element Investment Managers over five years ago.
William Frater, MPhil Cantab
William has done extensive economic and policy research on behalf of provincial and local government and trade union movements. He is been part of the research team since inception and is the executive responsible for the co-ordination of the Fraters Earth Equity Fund and other socially responsible investment issues.
James Frater, MA (Hons) (Cantab), PGDA, CA (SA)
James is a director and co-founder of Frater Asset Management. After graduating at Cambridge in 1987, James did the Conversion Course in Accounting at UCT (the equivalent of a bachelor of Commerce degree in a single year). He joined Deloitte & Touche to do his articles in 1990, and qualified as a chartered accountant in 1992. He then worked at Allan Gray Ltd as an equity analyst and portfolio manager until 1996. After leaving Allan Gray, he was a director and portfolio manager at Oasis Asset Management, which he left in 1998.
Rosanna Burcheri
Ian Burden, BA
Ian started his investment career in 1981 and joined INVESCO in 2001. Ian holds a BA degree in Economics from the City of London. Ian is the Chief Investment Officer in Japan.
Ashton Bradbury
Frédéric Bensimon
Frédéric started his investment career in 1987 and joined INVESCO in 2001.
Alex Calvo
Alex Calvo joined Franklin Templeton Investments in 1995, and is currently director of research for Templeton Global Bond Managers. In this capacity, Mr Calvo directs all global economic and fixed income research efforts. In addition, he is the portfolio manager on a number of SICAV Funds.
Prior to joining Franklin Templeton Investments, Mr Calvo was an account executive with Fleishman-Hillard. While there, he served as consultant to firms investing in Latin America. Prior to Fleishman-Hillard, Mr Calvo was a research analyst with Zeta Investments, where he performed corporate analysis in the US.
Mr Calvo received a batchelor of arts degree in Political Science from the State University of New York at Binghamton and a master of arts degree in international affairs from The Flecher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He has also completed course work for a PhD in economics at Boston University. He received the Investment Management Certificate from the Investment Management Authority in the UK.
Brett Bishop, B Com, LLB, H Dip (Tax), CFP
St John Bungey
St John Bungey of Edge Multi-Management will manage the investment process of the BoE Balanced Fund of Funds. St John has been in the industry for nine years. After three years on the gilt floor at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, involved in options and bond markets, he moved to Cape Town to join the BoE Group as a money market dealer. During the ensuing three years he was involved in the management of the Private Bank Treasury and ALCO (Assets and Liabilities Committee) risk management process. In 1998, with the NBS/Boland merger, St John moved to start up the Unit Select Multi-Manager area, which he managed until the merger with Edge.
Ben Ebel
Ben started his investment career in 1992 and joined INVESCO in 1997. He holds a MS degree in Financial Accounting from the Universty of North Carolina-Shapel Hill.
Russell Collister, BA (Hons), Fellow of the Securities Institute
Russell Collister has had investment experience since 1987.
Russell was appointed as fund manager of the Marriott Global Income in Jan 2003 and fund manager of the Global Real Estate fund in Dec 2001.
Chris de Klerk
Chris started his career as an actuarial student in the Corporate Actuarial area of the Liberty Group in 1992. During this time, he was involved in a wide variety of valuation and analysis work. In 1999, he moved to Liberty Specialised Investments to start up a new product development area. He now heads up the product development team for Liberty Collective Investments and is involved in the ongoing development of LCI's range of unit trusts, linked products and other investments products.
Johan Gerber, B Acc (Hons), CA(SA), CFA
Johan is a portfolio manager and investment Analyst with Foord Asset Management. Before joining Foord Asset Management, Johan was a portfolio manager with BoE Securities for 3 years (1998 - 2000), an investment analyst and portfolio manager with Foord Asset Management for 6 years (1993 - 1998) and a Financial Manager at the Independent Development Trust (1990 - 1993). In total, Johan has close to 20 years investment experience.
Nick de Peyster, BA (Hons), MBA, CFA
Nick joined Morley Fund Management in November 2001. He has over eleven years investment experience with Fortis Advisers as Vice President, Equities and Smith Barney as a Research Associate. While at Fortis, the fund managed by Nick achieved top quartile performance against Lipper peer group for one, three and five year returns utilising a large and mid-cap growth-at-a-reasonable-price strategy and was rated four stars by Morningstar. He combined quantitative and fundamental analysis to produce a differentiated, efficient and highly successful investment product. Nick holds a BA (Hons) in Classics from Princeton University, an MBA in Finance form New York University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Bruno Berry, MSc
Bruno joined the firm (as Commercial Union Investment Management) in 1993. Previously, he worked for Municipal Mutual Ltd as an Assistant Fund Manager on the European desk. While at University, Bruno did placements with Cholet Dupont Stockbrokers (1987) and Credit Agricole Asset Management (1988-1989) in Paris. He holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Paris X-Nanterre and a MSc in Investment Analysis from Stirling University.
Steve Cleal, BA (Hons)
Steve joined the investment industry in 1987. As a member of Morley’s Asset Allocation Committee, Steve helps formulate the House Strategy for investment markets. He is also responsible for ensuring that the asset distribution of multi asset funds is in line with House Strategy. Steve joined Norwich Union Investment Management in 1987. Prior to being appointed Head of Balanced Funds in July 2000, Steve undertook a variety of roles including managing a US strategy fund and generating the firm's view on the UK and North American economies. He has worked closely with a number of internal and external clients, providing guidance on investment and strategic issues. Steve holds a BA (Hons) in Economics and Sociology from Keele University and is UKSIP qualified.
Ian Ferguson
Stone Asset Management
As leaders in the alternative asset managers’ field of expertise in South Africa, specialising in absolute return management, Stone Asset Management, an independent asset management company controlled by management and Decillion Ltd, has been selected to manage the active managed portion of the fund.
 Frank Russel Company
Frank Russell, one of the world's leading investment management and advisory firms, manages the RSA Equity Fund. Russell provides manager-of-manager investment products and services in more than 35 countries. Russell manages US$65 billion in assets and advises clients representing more than US$1 trillion worldwide. The company, serving both institutional and individual investors, has more than 1,000 clients and serves millions of individuals worldwide.
Singer & Friedlander
Singer & Friedlander is an independant merchant banking and investment group and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It was founded at the turn of the century. It specialises in banking, corporate finance and the investment needs of companies and private individuals. Singer & Friedlander Limited has developed a reputation as one of the UK's leading specialist merchant banks and is a member of the British Merchant Banking and Securities Houses Association. The bank operates from its head office in the City of London and four regional offices as well as its offshore banking subsidiary in the Isle of Man.
Christophe Caspar
James Duberley
Richard Gosnell, CFA, MSc (Eng), MAP
Richard is Chief Investment Officer of the Quants business unit at Taquanta Asset Managers. He is accountable for the management of all quantitative portfolios, research of quantitative techniques, and product development. Richard was previously at NIB Quants where he was a senior portfolio manager. He gained his original investment experience in active judgemental portfolio management and research with NIB Asset Management (NIBAM), where he started in June 1996. Richard trained as a Chemical Engineer and started his working life at AECI where he was a Senior Process Engineer. He is also a CFA Charter holder and is a FAIS authorised representative.
 Coronation Fund Managers
Coronation's absolute return process is based on an asset allocation model and the proven stock picking capability of its investment team. Asset allocation is determined by a model that uses the team's expected returns for each asset class as inputs into the process. This is tempered by best and worst case scenarios historically to arrive at an asset allocation that not only takes current views into account, but also mitigates the risk of underperfoming real return targets by assessing the historical risks of each asset class. As the focus of this fund is capital preservation, share selection will be biased towards stocks with a low probability of capital loss, lower risk and shares that offer value.

The absolute return team comprise Edwin Schultz who focuses on property, fixed income and asset allocation, while Gavin Joubert concentrates on stock picking within equities.

The designated fund manager for this fund is Gavin Joubert, who has a wealth of experience in managing money in the SA market, both on a traditional and on an absolute return basis.
Pieter Davis, B Com Hons , MBA, CFA
Adrian Cloete, CFA, B.Comm, Institute of Actuaries
Helena Conradie, B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc (Applied Maths)
Ameesha Chagan, B Com
 FT-NIB Investment Managers
Erik B Granada, BA, CFA, CIC
Erik started his investment career in 1986 and joined INVESCO in 1996. He holds a BA degree in Economics from Trinity College. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Chartered Investment Counselor. Erik is the Chief Investment Officer at INVESCO.
Stacie Cowell, BA, MBA, CFA
Stacie started her investment career in 1989 and joined INVESCO in 1996. She holds a BA degree in Economics from the Colgate University and a MBA in Finance from the University of Colorado. Stacie is also a CFA Charter holder.
Billy Chan, MA, CA, CFA
Billy started his investment career in 1992 and joined INVESCO in the same year. He holds a MA in Engineering (First Class) from Cambridge Universty, England. He is also a Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) and a CFA Charter holder.
Adam Cordery, MA
Adam started his investment career in 1995 and joined INVESCO in May 2000. He holds a BA in Economics from Cambridge University and a MA in Latin American Studies from Liverpool University. Adam is also an associate of the society of investment professionals (ASIP), formerly IIMR.Warwick.
Gregg Bayly, B Acc, B Com (Hons), ACMA, LLB
David Clott, BSc, CFA
David joined the firm (as Norwich Union Investment Management) in 1999. He began his career with Phoenix Investment Partners in 1992, working initially as an Equity Analyst and later a Convertible Securities Analyst. David then joined HSB Group in 1998 as a Portfolio Manager and Equity Analyst. David holds a BSc in Business Administration and Finance from Bryant College and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is a Member of the Institute of Investment Management and Research and the Boston Society of Financial Analysts.
Vimal Gor, BSc (Hons)
Vimal joined the investment industry in 1996. Vimal holds a BSc (Hons) in Economics and Computer Science from the Salford University. He has been managing this fund since May 1999.
Michael Fraikin, BA, MS
Michael started his investment career in 1991 and joined INVESCO in 1997. He obtained a BA from the European College of Business Management and a MS from the London School of Economics.
W Lindsay Davidson, MA
Lindsay started his investment career in 1974 and joined INVESCO in 1984. He holds a MA degree in Economics from Edinburgh University. Lindsay is the managing director of INVESCO and the head of global equities.
Ian Carstairs, MA
Ian started his investment career in 1976 and joined INVESCO in 1992. He holds a MA degree in Mathematics from St. John's College, Cambride University. Ian is head of global sector research.
Richard Collins, BS, MA, CFA
Richard started his investment careeer in 1967 and joined INVESCO in 1982 He holds BS and MA degree from Fordham Univesity. Richard is also a CFA charter holder.
Richard Bonnichsen
Richard Bonnichsen has more than 20 years experience in fund management in local and overseas markets.
Gavin Brown
Roger Bayston, CFA
Roger Bayston is senior vice president and portfolio manager for Franklin Advisers, Inc. Mr Bayston is a senior portfolio manager for several fixed-income products and private accounts for the Franklin Templeton Investments. He directs a staff performing research and trading responsibilities for government, mortgage, investment grade corporate and asset-backed securities. In addition, Mr Bayston leads the team responsible for risk management of Franklin's bond portfolios and fixed income products.

Before joining Franklin in 1991, Mr Bayston managed portfolios of fixed-income securities for Bankers Trust Company's Investment Management Group. He holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles. He is a member of the Security Analysts of San Francisco and the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR). He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).
Neil Ellerbeck
Neil joined Chase in 1994 having worked for Lombard Odier & Co Ltd for over seven years. He has over 15 years of investment experience. He began his career as a junior fund manager with responsibilities for maintaining market contacts on a micro level. Neil gained experience in all domestic and international sectors of the global bond and foreign exchange markets. Ultimately he managed the single currency fixed income products and worked along side Mr. Ross in managing the Global and International Institutional funds. Prior to Lombard Odier, Neil held investment management positions at JP Morgan Investment Management and Barclays Bank.
Thomas D'Auria
Thomas D'Auria is located in New York
Ray F Garman
Mr Garman is located in Hong Kong
Nelly Davies
Ms Davies is located in Paris/London
Pieter Fourie, B Acc (Hons), CA (SA), CFA
As Head of Global Equities, Pieter is the lead fund manager for the SPW Global High Quality Equity fund and the Clime International Equity fund having joined the firm in mid 2012. His responsibilities include the design, management and implementation of our global equity client offering including segregated mandates for high net worth individuals. Pieter oversees a team of five analysts focusing on global and UK equities across multiple industries. Current assets under management managed by the investment team in direct global and UK equity mandates is more than $0.5bn.
Kurt Benn, BBus Sc (Finance), B Com (Hons), CFA
Kurt joined Absa Asset Managers as Head: Balanced Funds in August 2015. Kurt has 19 years of investment and asset management experience. Prior to joining ABSA, Kurt spent the last 8 years co-managing multi-asset funds at Cadiz Asset Management. He has also held senior analytical and portfolio management positions at several respected investment management companies including Sanlam Investment Management, BOE Asset Management and Old Mutual Asset Management.
Saleem Gamza, B Com
Saleem has over 18 years experience, starting with Syfrets, then Nedcor Investment Bank and now with Taquanta Asset Managers. He has been involved in risk management, and money market trading activities. In 2000, he assumed the position of fund manager, responsible for managing clients' money market portfolios. Saleem was appointed as Head of Cash Management at Taquanta Asset Managers on the incorporation of NIB Treasury cash management in 2003.
Bill Fries, CFA, MBA
Bill Fries has managed the Investec American Fund since its launch at the end of September 2002. Bill has played a crucial role in the Fund's growth to over $330m and its AA ratings by S&P and Forsyth-OBSR. Bill has been the Managing Director and founding Portfolio Manager of the Thornburg Value Fund since he joined Thornburg Investment Management in 1995. He later founded the Thornburg International Value Fund. Bill's record at Thornburg has been amply rewarded. In 2003, he was named Morningstar's International Fund Manager of the Year, and for his work with Thornburg Value Fund, Bill was recognized with the Excellence in Fund Management Award by BusinessWeek Magazine and S&P in 2004 and 2005. Bill's 30 plus years of investment management experience includes an extended tenure as vice president of equities at USAA Investment Management Company, where he managed a number of portfolios in a variety of investment styles, including Value and Growth. Bill also served as investment advisor to the company's employee benefit plans and managed its insurance company equity portfolios from 1984 to 1988. Bill began his career as a securities analyst and bank investment officer, receiving his designation as a Chartered Financial Analyst in 1974. He also holds an MBA from Temple University.
Tye Bousada
Paul Causer, BSc
Paul started his investment career in 1983 and joined INVESCO in 1994. He holds a BSc degree in economics from the London School of Economics.
Paul Chesson, MA
Paul started his investment career in 1989 and joined INVESCO in 1993. He holds a MA degree in Jurisprudence from Oxford University.
Ed Burke, BA (Hons)
Ed started his investment career in 1980 and joined INVESCO in May 1999. He holds a BA (Hons) degree from the Manchester University.
Marius Botha, BCom (Hons)
Marius holds a BCom (Honours) in financial analysis and portfolio management. He currently assists OMAM with general quantitative analysis and is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the risks associated with OMAM's Alternative Investment Strategy option. He also assists in the management of this investment option.
Mark Breedon, MA
Mark is a portfolio manager at Investec Asset Management with responsibility for the growth equity capability, and for the Investec Growth Fund unit trust. He joined the company in 2003. Mark began his career in 1976 when he joined Vickers da Costa as a European equity analyst before being promoted to Head of European Equity Research. In 1980, he moved to First Chicago (later to become Brinson Partners), where he used core investment strategy to successfully manage European portfolios for institutional clients. From 1986, Mark served at Alliance Capital as a portfolio manager responsible for numerous mutual funds. His responsibilities also included the development and implementation of investment strategies for global, international, emerging market and country-specific portfolios. Mark served on the Board of Directors for Alliance Capital, London, South Africa and Cairo, and spearheaded the company's socially responsible investment products. Mark was responsible for establishing and managing the Southern African Fund (SOA) from 1996, which has a long and outstanding track record. Mark has extensive expertise in Africa managing portfolios in Kenya, Botswana, Egypt, in addition to building Alliance Capital's business in South Africa. Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) degree.
Stephen Brown, BCom, MBA, CFA
Stephen completed his MBA at Stellenbosch Business School in 1996. He began his Asset Management career in 1997 as an Industrial Analyst with Southern Asset Management. In 2000 he joined RMB Asset Management as a Diversified Industrial Analyst and remained involved in industrial research until 2007. In 2001 he moved into the Resources team also as an analyst. He progressed to Head of Resources research in 2007, and held the position until the end of 2009 when he moved permanently onto portfolio management of institutional and retail portfolios. In 2001 he qualified as a CFA. He began his Portfolio Management career in 2002, managing the RMB Value Fund, and became a full time Portfolio Manager of Institutional Balanced Funds and Retail Equity Funds in 2010. Stephen joined Fairtree Capital in 2011 as a Portfolio Manager and currently manages the Fairtree Assegai Long Short Equity Fund and the Fairtree MET Equity Fund.
Mashuda Cassim, BCompt
Mashuda joined RMB Asset Management in July 1999. She currently works as an analyst in the consumer industrials team and is the joint portfolio manager of the RMB Value Fund.
Zaheer Bhyat, BSc Eng
Jason Chesters, BCom, CFA
Jason Chesters is chief investment officer at Tri-Linear. He holds a BCom degree in Economics and is a CFA charter holder. He has over 13 years experience in investment management, having worked for the Motor Industry Pension Funds, RMB Properties and Commercial Union Investment Management, before joining BoE Personal Stockbrokers in 1998. There, he was promoted to senior portfolio manager in charge of private client portfolio management in Cape Town and a member of the National Investment Strategy Committee. He joined Fairheads Asset Managers, now named Tri-Linear Investment Managers in February 2003.
Tamsin Faiers, BA (Hons)
Tamsin started her investment career in 1999, and joined INVESCO in October 2000. She holds a BA (Hons) degree in Natrual Sciences from Downey College, Cambridge University..
Ayaz Ebrahim
Located in Hong Kong
Jeff Currington
Located in London
Stephanie Cao, BSc. Finance
Stephanie is head of the Investment Committee and also the lead manager for NIBi's international funds, with overall responsibility for portfolio construction. On a sectoral basis, she is responsible for the identification, research and monitoring of Emerging Markets' Long Only and Long/Short funds, as well as distressed strategies. She also assists in new product development and sales and marketing to new and existing clients. Prior to joining Nedcor in 2000, Stephanie spent eight years with US based multi-manager, Paine Webber Inc and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, monitoring and selecting General Equity managers and specialising in the International Equity Universe (EAFE mandates).
Prieur du Plessis, BSc (QS), MBA (Cum Laude), DBA (Doctor in Finance)
Dr Prieur du Plessis, managing director and member of Plexus Investment Monitoring Board - previously general manager of portfolio management at Sanlam responsible for the investment portfolios of Sanlam's individual policy owners - portfolios the assets of which totalled more than R35 billion; 22 years' experience of investment research and portfolio management.
Andrew Dalby, BComm (Hon), MBA
Appointed fund manager of the Marriott Dividend Growth Fund in June 2003.
Claudio Brocado
David Baverez
Graham Clapp
Frederic Gautier
Harlan Carere
Teera Chanpongsang
Rex Chan
Nazley Bardien
Maria Gaomas
Garth Bregman

 Coronation Asset Management
Anand Govender, Dip Bus Man
Sharmain Govender, B Com (Hons) Investment Management
Gerhard Engelbrecht, BCom (Hons) Economics
The fund is managed by Gerhard Engelbrecht, portfolio manager at Sanlam Multi-Manager International. The Sanlam Group has been involved in multi-management since 1998, mainly through managing international assets on global markets. The South African multi-manager business grew out of the international competencies and was firmly established towards the end of 2001.

Sanlam Multi-Manager International (SMMI) is an investment management business and dedicated to active multi-management investing. It operates independently of the conventional investment management activities within the group, both in terms of staff and investment decisions. SMMI manages assets in excess of R90bn via more than 20 different funds for over 40 000 clients. SMMI is a globally integrated business with offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom (UK). The UK office is based in London and is responsible for advising in respect of the investment management of several Sanlam products and no less than 14 funds of UK Life Assurer Merchant Investors Assurance, covering a spread of asset classes and regions around the world.
 Frater Asset Management
Frater employs a contrarian investment style with its key focus being on stock selection while at the same time trying to limit the volatility associated with equities. Its investment philosophy hinges around identifying value in companies that are under researched and ignored by the market.

The investment team is small, as is its asset base. This is beneficial from two aspects, firstly, it permits aggressive positions to be taken without impacting on liquidity and secondly it enables ideas to be implemented quickly. The designated portfolio manager is Terence Craig who has had extensive experience in the domestic market and has identified great investment opportunities during his tenure at Frater. The owner/manager culture of this boutique investment house is positive as it aligns personnel success directly to that of the company and investors.
 Futuregrowth Equities Team
  • Saliegh Salaam: B Com, CFA - Head of Equities
  • Grant Watson: B Com, MBA - Head of Alternative Investments and Dealing
  • Gerald Meharchand: B Optometry, B Com (Hons) - Equity Analyst
  • Ameer Amod: BSc (Eng), MSc (Eng), B Com (Hons) - Portfolio Manager
  • Khayalethu Mtoko: BSc (Mathematics), B Com (Hons) - Portfolio Manager
  • Mario Fisher: B Com (Information Systems) - Quantitative Analyst
 Barclays Global Investors
BGI are regarded as the pioneers of index fund management and today remain the world's largest manager of index funds, with approximately $967bn assets under management.
Angelique de Rauville
Angelique was one of the founders of Provest Management (Pty) Ltd in January 1998 and was appointed Managing Director of the Company in May 2001. She has compiled 14 research publications on the South African listed property sector over the past three years and Provest was recognised as one of South Africa's top 20 non-listed companies in 2001 under Angelique's leadership.
Warren Buys, BCom (Eco), MSc (Finance), CFA
Warren is a director and principal of Florin and has over 16 years of investment experience. He previously worked as an analyst with Investec Asset Management, Osborne Capital and a portfolio manager at Cadiz Asset Management.
 Ashburton (Jersey) Ltd.
Daniel Briggs
Dan manages Sarasin's flagship GlobalSar family of global balanced and absolute return investment funds and has been with Sarasin since 2002.
John Godley
A Sarasin Investment Management employee since June 2002, John started his career in fixed income in 1986. He was previously a portfolio manager and credit analyst for GE Insurance Holdings, a part of GE Capital. During the 1990s he worked for Guardian Royal Exchange, where he became Head of Global Fixed Income with responsibility for portfolios totaling £5bn.
Graham Bailie
Robert Dean
 Global Asset Management Ltd (GAM)
GAM has been appointed as investment manager to the World Growth Plus Fund and the World Diversified Plus Fund. With specialist skills in Alternative Investment Strategies, GAM has demonstrated its ability to generate significant returns in volatile markets.

GAM is one of the world's premier asset management houses, and was acquired by global financial house UBS AG in 1999. Throughout its history, GAM has pursued a distinctive and successful investment philosophy based on providing investors with the opportunity to "access great investment talent."

GAM currently manages 35 multi-manager funds, comprising more than 100 sub-funds.

GAM has been selected for the following reasons:

  • They bring considerable experience of investing across a range of asset classes.
  • Investors benefit from the diverse capabilities of some of the most talented global multi-manager specialists.
  • Funds are diversified across five asset classes.
  • There is a strong focus on a core selection of key multi-manager funds.
Adrian Bignell
Paul Chan
Philip Craib
Dirk-Jan Dirksen
Dirk-Jan joined Ohra Asset Management, part of the Aviva Group, in Feb 2001. He uses a top down investment process, looking at the macro economy, the direct property market and property shares. Dirk-Jan has a degree in Business Administration from Tilburg University and is a Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst (CEFA). He is a member of the Dutch Securities Institute.
Iyad Farah
Iyad joined Morley Fund Management in 2000. He was a Senior Research Associate at the University of Wales before beginning his investment career in 1996 as a Quantitative Analyst for NPI. He then took up a position in 2000 as Senior Quantitative Analyst with Union Bancaire Privee. Iyad holds a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering from Technion in Israel; a MSc in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Manchester and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Wales Aberystwyth. Iyad is a member of the Institute of Investment Management and Research and has the Investment Management Certificate.
John Gilchrist, Diploma in Advanced Banking, BCom, MBA (with distinction), CA (SA)
John joined Old Mutual Investment Group South Africa (OMIGSA) in November 2004 as a portfolio manager. He is responsible for managing Capital Builder (including the life-wrapped guaranteed version, Capital Growth), certain institutional absolute return funds and the Volatility Arbitrage Hedge fund.

In 1999, John joined UBS Investment Bank in the derivative sales and structuring division. He was promoted to Director, Head of Derivatives and a member of the UBS management committee in January 2001. In 2002, John became a member of the JSE Financial Derivatives Advisory Committee.
 Flagship Asset Management
 Brandes Investment Partners
 Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co
Herman Brandt, B Com (Hons) Inv Management, JSE Equity Trader, Safex & Bond Exchange dealer
Frederick C Greeff, BCom
Anthony Geard, B.Bus.Sc (Hons), CA(SA), CFA
Philip Buys, B Compt (Unisa), Registered Trader (JSE)
Philip is a co-founder and Director of Dölberg Spencer Financial Services. He has been in the Trading, Fund Management and Investment Industry for more than two decades and is a specialist in Property Fund Management. Philip completed his articles at the SA Institute of Chartered Accountants and became a Registered Trader with the JSE in 1998.

He also completed a Financial Service Providers: Collective Investment Schemes course with Unisa as well as Offshore Products and Money Laundering Prevention Course. Phillip’s passion is wealth management and his aim is to create long term wealth for all his clients. Philip is also the Chief Investment Officer.
André Delport, B Iuris (UP) (with endorsement)
André of Kanaan Trust, is a registered fund manager with the FSB. He is known for his successful macro top-down methodology as opposed to the more popular bottom-up style, which enabled him to switch funds under management timeously and totally to the money market before the 1987 crash, literally weeks before the August 1998 crash, and also before the March 2000 technology crash. He has featured in the weekly financial talk show on the regional station, Radio Kwezi since 1997. In addition to this he has featured on Radio SA FM on an ad hoc basis.
Wally Gray, BSc (Eng), MBL (Cum Laude) (Executive Chairman & Co Portfolio Manager)
Wally established Rezco in 1981 with an investment style and focus on preserving capital while at the same time creating wealth. This is a deeply rooted philosophy fundamental to the Rezco’s risk management approach and which has been reflected the performance of Rezco’s funds over numerous investment market cycles. Today, Rezco is a focused investment boutique managed by a team of dedicated investment professionals responsible for over R6 billion assets under management.

Wally has been a registered portfolio manager for Rezco with the South African Financial Services Board since 1983. He has worked in the investment industry all his life. He graduated from Witwatersrand University with a BSc Mining Engineering degree in 1966 followed by an MBL cum laude from Unisa in 1974. He was awarded the Old Mutual Gold Medal for the “Best Student” in that graduate year. He worked in the investment division at a large South African Mining Resource company, then called Gencor, from 1968 to 1970.

Wally joined the investment division of Nedbank in 1970, and became investment manager. He served at Nedbank from 1970 to 1974.

Wally was invited to join Sage Holdings in 1974; he became an executive director of investments as well as executive director and pioneer of their JSE listed entrepreneurial finance company, Union & London Investment Trust. He directed the management of the Sage Unit Trust, the Sage Life insurance portfolios, and the entrepreneurial finance company at Sage. He left Sage in 1981, and started Rezco.
Dawid Botha
Johan David Botha was born on 17 December 1965, is married and has three children.

David has been active in the investment management/ stock broking industry for most of his working career. His most recent engagement was as a director and Head of private client business of HSBC Securities in their Johannesburg head office (March 2000 - December 2003). During this period he was a member of the executive management committee of the private clients business of HSBC Securities (South African) with both the Pietermaritzburg and Durban offices reporting to him and he chaired the investment advisory committee of the private clients business. He was also the chairman of the investment advisory audit committee, which committee checked adherence to investment guidelines by portfolio managers. Whilst the head of the Johannesburg private clients business, his time was spent between management, stock broking and portfolio management.

While in Johannesburg, he advised private clients with a total portfolio value of R 150 million. The fully discretionary managed clients amounted to R 80 million. His largest individual clients were trusts with portfolios of R28 million, and R19 million respectively. These clients have dealt with him since 1995. He also dealt with not less than forty listed companies in either a corporate stock broking or portfolio management capacity while in Johannesburg. Clients included ABSA Bank, Steinhoff, JD Group, Unitrans to name a few.

Prior to his JHB management position he founded and then headed up the Tyger Valley office in Cape Town for HSBC Securities. He held the position of office head for four years prior to being promoted to head up the JHB private clients business. While in the Tyger Valley office he personally managed or was indirectly responsible for the discretionary management of at least R 130 million of private client, trust or corporate funds.

He passed the JSE Securities membership examinations in 1993 and subsequently became a member of the institute of stockbrokers.

In 1994, at the age of 29 he was appointed as a junior director and was promoted to a full director in 1996 of the then Simpson Mckie James Capel - the forerunner to HSBC Securities. He joined Simpson Mckie in March 1990 and has been a private client investment advisor since January 1991.

He obtained a B-Comm economics degree at the University of Stellenbosch where he studied full time from 1984-1986. He obtained a honours degree in Economics and Investment management through part time studies at UNISA in 1988. He subscribed and completed the first part of a master's degree in Investments, through the University of Stellenbosch.
 Coronation Fund Managers
Coronation has in recent years been building a highly competent fixed-interest team. The above average returns are confirmation of the core team's ability to deliver superior performance. Very effective modeling of economic fundamentals and investment strategies is a significant part of their investment decision-making.

Mark le Roux and Tania Miglietta are the portfolio managers and will manage the Multi-Managers Fund of Funds assets in a similar way to which they manage the Coronation Strategic Income Fund. Hence the returns are expected to be similar. The opportunity set for this fund includes property investments and the fund will show exposure to the property sector when the managers sees fit to do so.
Vaughn Chang
Gcinikhaya Gobodo
Christine Baalham, MPhil
Christine is a portfolio manager of the UK equity Core portfolios and also has responsibilities for analysing the UK Financials sector. Previously, as a member of the Global core team, she was responsible for the Global ex-UK portfolios and analysed the Global Financials sector. She joined Investec as a Financials sector analyst in 2000. Prior to Investec, Christine worked for Schroders, where she was recruited as part of the Schroder Investment Management Graduate Training Programme in 1996. She worked on the UK Fund Management desk before joining the research department as the UK Insurance Analyst. Christine gained a MPhil. degree in Chemistry from Cambridge University after she graduated from the university in 1995 with a 1st class degree in Natural Sciences.
Johan de Bruijn, B Econ Hons, CFA
  • He joined Coronation Fund Managers from 1998 to 2003 (Last three years as small and mid cap analyst).
  • 2003 to date SIM small and mid cap analyst.
Erik du Preez, B.Com Hons (Econ)
Piet de Jongh
James Cheng
 GCI Wealth
Justin Greeley, BA (Hons) Economics, MSC in Finance, CFA, IMC
Justin joined the group in January 2001 during which time he has been responsible for a range of both global and regional fixed income and equity funds. His principal area of expertise within the investment team is centered on the fundamental investment manager research and fund construction processes. His primary responsibilities are monitoring and managing SMMI's global equity and global bond funds.
Direen Eraman
Douglas Davids
 Bond Street Financial Services
Wikus Furstenberg, M Com (Economics)
Wikus manages a range of fixed interest portfolios, which include the Income Fund, Enhanced Income Fund, Namibia Enhanced Income Fund and the fixed interest component of the Real Income Fund.

Wikus joined Old Mutual Investment Group in October 1999 as a fixed interest portfolio manager from ABN AMRO Securities. He started his career in the Economics Department of the South African Reserve Bank. In 1995, he joined ABSA Bank Treasury as a treasury economist and pursued this position until 1997.
Gert Delport, B.Com (Fin Man)
Assistant Financial manager and Analyst
Johan de Jongh, BSc, MBA
Johan De Jongh is the asset manager for the m Cubed Smart Cash Fund. Johan obtained his B.Sc and M.B.A degrees from the University of Stellenbosch and has been an active investment manager for the past 15 years. Johan has a great deal of experience in both local and international investments, but has specialized in the field of Money Market Management and treasury instruments.

Johan is currently the Head of Asset Management at Fidentia Asset Management, and oversees the investment operations for the Fidentia group.
Michal Calitz, P.D.F.P.; CFP
Michal has more than 18 years experience in the financial industry. Michal started his career at Santam Bank before joining Sanlam and Impact Financial Consultants where he gained valuable experience in various positions. Michal is an executive director of the 4i Group and 4i Asset Management.
Daphne Botha, B Com (Hons), Diploma in Fin Markets
Daphne manages the money market and active bond fund portfolios. In addition, she trades fixed interest instruments and is responsible for risk monitoring and fund exposures and she oversees asset administration.

Daphne joined Futuregrowth in April 2001 from NIB Asset Management.
Ross Biggs, B.Bus.Sc., CA(SA), CFA
Ross is a Portfolio Manager at Prudential Investment Managers. He has fifteen years’ experience in investment management, and joined Prudential in 2001 as an Industrial and Resources Sector Analyst. He is co-Portfolio Manager of the Prudential Dividend Maximiser Fund, which has won several Raging Bull and Morningstar Awards under his management.
Peter Brooke, (BBuSc Finance (Hons)
Peter joined Old Mutual in May 2005 and has been the Head of MacroSolutions since 2007.

Peter has specific responsibility for third-party funds, including the Profile range. He also manages two unit trust funds, Old Mutual Maximum Return Fund of Funds and Old Mutual Flexible Fund. The Old Mutual Edge28 Life Fund is also part of his portfolio.

Having analysed countries and companies, Peter can integrate top-down and bottom-up drivers and valuations to create an optimal portfolio.

Peter is an award-winning analyst who has extensive experience in the investment arena. He worked at a stockbroker for 10 years as an analyst and equity strategist, after which he was the Head of Research and Head of Equities for Cazenove South Africa.
Anton Botha, BComm (Hon), Bproc, MBA
Anton Botha is a co-founder and co-owner of Imalivest. He spent most of his career as Chief Executive of Genbel and Gensec, building it into a leading South African investment banking group. Before it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanlam Ltd in December 2000, Gensec was recognized as one of South Africa’s 40 largest listed companies. Currently Anton serves as a non-executive director on the boards of African Rainbow Minerals Ltd, JSE Ltd, Vukile Property Fund Ltd (Chairman), University of Pretoria, Sanlam Ltd and Sanlam subsidiaries. He is also a past-President of the AHI (Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut) and is actively involved in organised business. Anton holds commerce degrees from the University of Pretoria and Rand Afrikaans University (RAU), a law degree from the University of South Africa and attended an executive management course at Stanford University in the USA.
Dries du Toit
 Eagle Asset Management
 Global 4Factor Team
Floris Bergh
Guy de Fleuriot, Dip (Businesss Management)
  • Associate Member Financial Planning Institute.
  • Managing Director & Investment Planner, Adroit Financial Services, founding member Four Arrows Investment Group.
  • 17 years experience in portfolio constuction, private client portfolio management - private banking.
Maureen Attridge, CA (SA)
  • Member of Financial Planning Institute.
  • Director and Financial Planner, Independent Wealth Managers, Founding member Four Arrows Investment Group.
  • 5 years Audit Manager at Coopers and Lybrand, 11 years in portfolio construction and private client portfolio management.
Gary Bartlett, BCom (Hons) (Economics)
  • Member of Financial Planning Institute and LUASA.
  • Director and Investment Advisor, Quattro Vest, founding member of Four Arrows Investment Group.
  • Ten years with Investec Private Bank.
  • Eight years in private client investment management.
 FG Asset Management
FG Asset Management (FGAM) comprises the founders of the Firstglobal group, most of whom are approved as investment managers by the Financial Services Board, each having in excess of 10 years experience as financial advisors and discretionary portfolio managers. With a view to ensuring that the multi-manager services provided by FGAM include specialist and quantitative investment expertise, we have entered into a strategic partnership with the Analytics Group, one of the leading multi-manager and investment consulting operations in South Africa, who form part of the investment committee, in an advisory capacity.
Niall Brown, BCom, CA(SA)
Niall was a director, and for a number of years, head of research at HSBC Securities (formerly Simpson McKie Inc).

He was subsequently chief investment officer of HSBC Asset Management (South Africa) and was also the portfolio manager for the Nedbank Entrepreneur Fund which was the top performing smaller companies fund during his tenure. After an 18-year career at HSBC and its predecessor firms, he left the group in December 2000.

From 2001 to 2004 he managed a private investment company with great success before deciding to return to the business of managing third-party funds. This led to the formation of Osborne Capital, which subsequently merged with Hermes Asset Management.
Leon de Beer, [B.Com (Hons) SA IFM]
Delphine Govender, B Com, CA (SA), CFA, Dip FMI
Delphine joined Allan Gray as an analyst in July 2001 after completing her articles at Deloitte & Touche in January 1998.
She was appointed as trainee portfolio manager in April 2003 and was promoted to the position of portfolio manager in January 2005 and takes full responsibility in managing the relative portfolios.
In February 2006 Delphine accepted an invitation to join the board of Allan Gray Property Trust Management Limited as a director of Grayprop.
As at end April 2006, Delphine was also appointed as a director of Allan Gray Limited.
Duncan Artus, B Bus Sc (Hons), PGDA, CFA, CMT
Duncan joined Allan Gray in 2001 as an equity analyst after completing his Honours in Business Science and post graduate diploma in Accounting at the University of Cape Town. He is a CFA charter holder and was appointed a trainee portfolio manager in January 2003.
As of 1 January 2005, Duncan was promoted to the position of portfolio manager and will be managing a portion of the balanced and equity portfolios of the segregated and life clients.
William Gray, B Com, MBA, CFA
Ethos primarily specialises in acquisitions that involve management participation. Success in their business is based on the simple tenet that the appropriate combination of investment capital and sound entrepreneurial management will result in superior investment returns. Ethos is in the business of private equity. This experience has resulted in 87 transactions, covering a broad spectrum of industries with a combined enterprise value of over R10 billion. 75 have been fully realised, generating a combined profit of over R3.2 billion. Converting and growing the possible into the profitable has been a way of life for the Ethos team.
Founded in 1991, Brait is the largest, leading independent private equity fund manager in South Africa, with a 15 year history of executing a disciplined approach to private equity investing in its market. The Brait investment team's proven ability to combine domestic private equity investment skills with the experience of managing international and domestic private equity capital has enabled it to achieve a highly accomplished investment record. Brait seeks to identify and convert opportunities, while remaining flexible to ensure that the appropriate strategy is executed. Brait maintains that its active involvement with its portfolio companies has been critical to its success, as it strives to incentivise and challenge management teams to create and build value.
Andre Bouwer, BCompt, BCom (Hons) Investment management
Steve Dilley, CMS. DMS. MBA.
Steve has 15 years experience in asset and portfolio management. At Postgraduate level he completed a successful dissertation on International Finance and received a distinction for International Finance at Masters Level. Steve also completed a successful thesis on alternative investment strategies and portfolio analytica and runs the progressive Quadrix HedgeStar Fund on an in-house basis. Steve previously worked for Syfrets, FT NIB and Nedcor, and was CIO of Investco, also running the 4 Investco unit trust funds before forming Quadrix.
Tracy Brodziak, BBus Science (Finance); CA (SA); CFA Charterholder
Tracy is responsible for the fundamental analysis of the commercial banks.

She is the fund manager for the Old Mutual Financial Services Fund. In addition, she also does analysis on the oil & gas sector.

Tracy is an experienced analyst and brings unique insight into the financial sector. Her financial unit trust has been a consistent upper quartile performer.

Prior to this, she was Sector Head: Financials in the Equity Research boutique.

Tracy completed her articles at KPMG in the Financial Services Division before joining Old Mutual Investment Group in 2001, where she has analysed companies in the small cap, IT, food and pharmaceutical sectors. She started analysing the banks in late 2003.
Johan Coetzee
Jakes Ferguson
Jakes is responsible for managing Sarasin's global property funds.
Adrian de Fay
Adrian joined Investec in October 2009 from De Fay Fund Management, where he was Chief Investment Officer and one of the founding directors in 2000.
Before setting up the company, Adrian held portfolio manager and analyst positions at Standard Merchant Bank, Standard Bank London & Smith New Court. At De Fay Fund Management, Adrian was the manager of an offshore fund which was runner up in the European Hedge Funds Awards for best performing fund on a risk adjusted basis for the years 1999 to 2002. Adrian has won the Morningstar Award for best fund in the General Equity Category in SA over the 3 year period ending December 2008.
Paul Carr
Trevor Garvin
Anthony Dickinson, B Comm, CA (SA).
  • Financial Director Bay Union and founding member Four Arrows Investment Group.
  • Partner in International Accounting and Auditing Firm for 15 years.
  • 12 years further experience in portfolio construction, financial and tax consulting and private client portfolio management.
 Frater Asset Management
-The fund is managed by Terence Craig who is also the CIO. He is supported by a research team.
-Frater is privately owned and independent.
-The Equity process is fundamentally driven and can best be explained as contrarian.
-The Fund is actively managed and although the benchmark is considered, portfolio construction is not benchmark cognizant.
-The investment horizon is long-term.
-The manager actively manages exposure to various economic fundamentals and weightings to sector change over time.

Eduardo D'Almeida, BSc MBA (Cum Laude)
  • Started his working career as a student actuary at Anglo American Life in 1981 before joining Barclays Industrial Bank in 1983 in the project finance division.

  • Held various managerial positions in project finance and corporate banking, including a number of years with Barclays PLC in London.

  • J oined SIM in 1999 as a banks analyst and later became head of the financial services sector.
Paul Floquet, CA (SA); CFA
Stephen Arthur, BSc Eng (Mining), CFA
Stephen joined Absa Capital in 2003 as an Investment Banker, and held positions in Corporate Finance and Private Equity. In 2006 he joined Absa Asset Management (ABAM) as a Resource Analyst responsible for all resources investments made by ABAM. A position he still holds today. In addition, he was appointed the fund manager of the Absa Rand Protector Unit Trust in June 2006, and the fund manager for the Absa Flexible Equity Unit Trust in June 2010. Stephen has over 20 years of investment and asset management experience. He has been employed by a number of investment companies including, Liberty Assets Management, Nedcor Investment Bank and Absa Asset Management. During this period he held positions as an equity analyst and portfolio manager, managing a number of unit trusts and pension fund portfolios.
Francois Finlay, BBusSci, BCom (Hons) (Acc), PDGA, CA(SA), CFA
Francois joined the Cadiz Investment Products team in 2002 following a 12-month assignment as personal assistant to the group CEO, Ray Cadiz. His previous financial services experience was obtained at Deloitte & Touche, both locally and in the USA, Equinox Holdings in SA and Morgan Stanley in London. Francois was more recently promoted to the position of CAHAM Protected Investments team leader.
Dave Golembo, CA (SA), H dip Tax
Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser, MPhil (Columbia University), MA Med (US)
Anne is an international development specialist and has spent the last 24 years in investment and risk management, in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Since moving to South Africa in 1992, she pioneered multi-manager asset management in South Africa and now serves as the chief investment officer at Advantage Asset Managers.
Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser, MPhil (Columbia University), MA Med (US)
Anne is an international development specialist and has spent the last 24 years in investment and risk management, in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Since moving to South Africa in 1992, she pioneered multi-manager asset management in South Africa and now serves as the chief investment officer at Advantage Asset Managers.
Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser, MPhil (Columbia University), MA Med (US)
Anne is an international development specialist and has spent the last 24 years in investment and risk management, in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Since moving to South Africa in 1992, she pioneered multi-manager asset management in South Africa and now serves as the chief investment officer at Advantage Asset Managers.
Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser
Anne is an international development specialist and has spent the last 24 years in investment and risk management, in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Since moving to South Africa in 1992, she pioneered multi-manager asset management in South Africa and now serves as the chief investment officer at Advantage Asset Managers.
Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser, MPhil (Columbia University), MA Med (US)
Anne is an international development specialist and has spent the last 24 years in investment and risk management, in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Since moving to South Africa in 1992, she pioneered multi-manager asset management in South Africa and now serves as the chief investment officer at Advantage Asset Managers.
Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser, MPhil (Columbia University), MA Med (US)
Anne is an international development specialist and has spent the last 24 years in investment and risk management, in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Since moving to South Africa in 1992, she pioneered multi-manager asset management in South Africa and now serves as the chief investment officer at Advantage Asset Managers.
Peter Brooke, B Bus Sc Finance (Hons)
Peter joined Old Mutual in May 2005 and has been the Head of MacroSolutions since 2007.

Peter has specific responsibility for third-party funds, including the Profile range. He also manages a number of unit trusts including the Old Mutual Flexible, Old Mutual Real Income and Old Mutual Stable Growth Funds.

Having analysed countries and companies, Peter can integrate top-down and bottom-up drivers and valuations to create an optimal portfolio.

Peter is an award-winning analyst who has extensive experience in the investment arena. He worked at a stockbroker for 10 years, as an analyst and equity strategist, after which he was the Head of Research and Head of Equities for Cazenove South Africa.

Vuyani Bekwa
Tom de Lange
Tom de Lange, CIO of Emperor Asset Management, holds a degree in Metallurgical Engineering. Tom has been an active investor on the JSE since 1981. Over the past 25 years he has averaged a compound annual return of 26%, while over the last 15 years his return stands at 31%. He has extensive experience in various instruments, including shares, warrants, futures, spread trading and CFDs. Over the years Tom has developed several quantitative models and indicators that form the core of his investment strategies. These, combined with his vast computer programming experience and risk simulation knowledge have enabled him to design a truly unique investment system.
Bronwyn Blood, BCom (Hons)

Prior to joining Granate Asset Management in December 2015, she was the Portfolio Manager of the Flexible Fixed Interest Funds and the flagship Absolute Yield Fund at Cadiz Asset Management. When Cadiz bought African Harvest in 2006 Bronwyn took over the management of the Flexible Fixed Interest funds.
Tiaan Fourie
Danie Berrange, BCom
Danie has been involved in the financial markets and asset management since 1988.
He gained extensive experience in Treasury with Santambank (1988) before joining stockbroker Silvis, Barnard, Mellett & Co as an equity trader (1990).
In 1993 he joined Allianz SA as Portfolio Manager and Head of Investments.
Founding member HCi and HiH in 2002.
Director of Global Business Excellence (Pty) Ltd.
Mervyn Douglas
A B S Garden
Vincent Devlin
Peter Cockburn
Jonathan Brown
Robert Cowen
Steve Englebrecht
 Fortress Asset Managers
James K Gilfillan
Albert Arntz, B.Sc.(Eng,), CA(SA), CFA
Albert joined Prudential in 2007 as a Property Fund Manager & Analyst. Prior to joining Prudential, he worked as an analyst at Deutsche Bank. He has been rated in the property and construction sectors through the Financial Mail analyst survey.
Ichiro Fujii
Grant Bowers
Raymond Chan
John Beck
Louis Bekker
Sumesh Chetty, BSc (Hons), FIA
He is co-portfolio manager of the Investec Absolute Balanced Fund and the Investec Cautious Managed Fund.
He joined the firm in 2007 from Metropolitan Asset Managers where he managed the Metropolitan Absolute Return Fund from 2005. Sumesh began his career at Swiss Re Life & Health, where he spent over three years as an actuarial specialist. Sumesh graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Business Science (Honours) degree in Actuarial Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom.
Robin Eager
Robin started his investment career in 1998 working in corporate finance & private equity. At STANLIB he began as an Industrial Analyst, transfering in 2006 to managing general equity funds. Robin has successfully managed Balanced Funds since 2007 and is currently Head of Balanced Funds.
Sholto Dolamo
Warren Buhai
Following 5 years in corporate finance at Standard Bank, Warren joined STANLIB in 2005 where he initially specialised in resources analysis and portfolio management. He has been a portfolio manager in the Multi-Asset Franchise since 2009.
Hlelo Giyose
Jack Foster
Stephen Dover, CFA
Martin Cobb
Ben Bertolini, BEcon (ED) Hons
Ben is the CEO of Namibia Asset Management Limited. He joined the company 11 years ago as a research analyst and will play a supervisory role in the investment of our unit trust products. Ben's key responsibility in this regard will be to ensure that the assets are invested in accordance with the requirements of Namibian regulations and will also ensure that Namibian clients' investment performance will be comparable to that earned by Coronation's South African clients.
Carmen Forster, BEconSc(Hons), FFA, CFA
Carmen, a qualified actuary, joined Namibia Asset Management Limited in 2006 as an investment analyst. She assists Mark le Roux in managing the assets of the NAM Coronation Strategic Income Fund as well as the bond and cash portfolios of our institutional clients.
 Aylett & Co
 Foord Asset Management
Aslam Dalvi
Aslam graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2000 with a BBusSc. He started his career as an analyst with Coronation Fund Managers in 2001 and joined Kagiso Asset Management in 2004. He is currently a senior investment analyst and portfolio manager.

Kagiso Asset Management

Kagiso Asset Management was established in 2001 as a (51%:49%) joint venture between the Kagiso Group and Coronation Fund Managers. In 2005 Coronation Fund Managers exited our business and Kagiso Asset Management and staff bought 30%. Independent administration and infrastructure was installed in 2006 and full operational independence from Coronation was established.

On 1 October 2010, Kagiso launched its own unit trust management company, Kagiso Collective Investments Limited. Kagiso Collective Investments Limited is a subsidiary of Kagiso Asset Management. The Kagiso unit trust range is offered by Kagiso Collective Investments Limited.

In 2011, management and staff increased their shareholding in Kagiso Asset Management to 49.9%.
Tim Dickson
Iain Fulton
Pierre Ciret
Francois de Curel
Katherine Collins
Tim Foster
Godwill Chahwahwa, BCompt; CA (SA), CFA
Before joining Coronation in 2003, Godwill completed his articles with Ernst & Young and worked for two years as an audit manager with Moores Rowland CA. He is an investment analyst and co-manager of the Coronation Preference Share and Financial funds. He also co-manages a segregated financial and industrial mandate.
Malcolm Gray
 db x-trackers (Proprietary) Ltd.
David Glazer
Michail Diamantopoulos
Maureen Donnell
Hannes Barnard
Farzana Bayat
Liang Du
Jean-Pierre du Plessis, B Bus Sci (Fin Hons)
Pierre de Klerk, BCom Honours, CFA
Pierre holds a B. Com (Honours) degree in Actuarial Science and is a CFA Charter holder. He started his career at Old Mutual gaining experience in actuarial product development and actuarial marketing. He joined Momentum in 1997 as the head of investment products for Momentum’s Linked Investment Service Provider. In the early 2000’s Pierre transitioned to a pure investment management career, working in turn working for Momentum Multi Managers and Advantage Asset Managers while gaining 10 years of multi management investment experience. In 2007 he was a founding member of Momentum Investment Consulting (MIC). As the head of investments for
MIC in RSA he was responsible for managing an investment team and overseeing investments. Pierre was the lead portfolio manager on a range of top performing portfolios during his employment at MIC. At the end of 2013, Pierre left the Momentum Group, to co-establish a new investment consulting and investment management firm - Boutique Investment Partners. Pierre is the managing director of Boutique Investment Partners and a senior portfolio manager.
 Coronation Fund Managers
Stephane Bwakira
Tony Gibson, BCom
Tony is a founder member of Coronation and a former CIO. He was responsible for establishing Coronation's international business in the mid-1990s, and has managed the Coronation Global Equity Alternative Strategy Fund since launch in 1996. He also manages the Coronation Global Equity Fund of Funds for institutional investors only and the Coronation World Equity [ZAR] Fund of Funds. Tony is co-manager of the Coronation Global Capital Plus Fund.
Arnold du Bruin
Alex Crowe, IIMR
Leandro Gastaldi, BCom (Hons) UCT, PGDA (Acc) UCT, CFA
Desmond Esakov
 Cannon Asset Managers
 Blue Alpha Investment Management
Mark Butler, BAcc; CA(SA); CFA
Anton de Goede, CFA, FRM
Anton has 13 years' investment experience. He joined Coronation in 2008 as a property specialist and manager of the Coronation Property Equity Fund. He is a member of the absolute investments team with specific responsibility for listed property-related research.
Duane Cable, BCom (Hons), CA (SA), CFA
Duane joined Coronation in 2006 as an investment analyst focusing on the resources sector. His current research responsibilities include paper & packaging, gold, steel and various companies within the industrial sector. Duane is co-manager across the absolute return range of funds and the Coronation Resources Fund.
 Atlantic Asset Management
Eldria Fraser, B Com (Hons), CFA
Eldria is Chief Investment Officer at Prescient with 18 years of investment management experience.
Eldria started her career at Deutsche Securities as an equity analyst. She moved to Investment Solutions in 1997, and over the following eight years covered all areas of the business, gaining a broad knowledge of the market and the industry. Before joining Prescient, Eldria was responsible for specialist portfolios, including equity, bond, income, property and cash portfolios and was a director of Investment Solutions Unit Trust Limited.
Gareth Bern, B.Bus.Sc., B.Com. (Hons), CA(SA), CFA
Gareth completed a B.Bus Sc [Finance] degree in 1999 at UCT and went on to complete a B. Com [Hons] degree in accounting in 2000, also at UCT. He then spent 3 years completing his articles at Ernst & Young, qualifying as a CA[SA] in 2003. After spending the early part of 2004 working in the asset management division of Ernst & Youngs New York office, he returned to South Africa, joining Prudential. Gareth has the following degrees, B.Bus Sc [Finance], B.Com [Hons] Acc. Gareth holds both the CA [SA] and CFA designations.
 Bips Investment Managers Pty Ltd.
Wouter de Goede
 Gartmore Fund Managers
Gartmore is a respected independent fund manager whose sole focus is fund management. The business offers a wide range of investment products and services, tailored to meet the varying needs of both institutional and retail investors. They have been managing long-only investments for over 30 years.
Zee de Gersigny, BSc Finance, CFA
Saul Burman, B Bus Sc (Hons), FIA, CFA
Saul is responsible for the portfolio management of a range of products that target inflation-beating returns, in the Absolute Return Investments team. In addition, he is responsible for the business and portfolio management of the offshore fund of hedge fund products.

Saul's wide range of experience gives him a good insight into the full gamut of asset classes and investment offerings in the market. His actuarial background is vital in understanding the liability side of the equation and is of great benefit in designing and running products for the benefit of clients.

Saul has been with OMIGSA (previously OMAM) since 2000. Although he has been a portfolio manager since 2003, he has had a number of roles in OMIGSA. These include heading up OMIGSA Product Development, providing a technical interface for the management of asset consultant relationships as well as managing the relationship and joint investment initiatives between OMIGSA and Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (OMLACSA).
Stephen Delport
 Associated Portfolio Solutions
Associated Portfolio Solutions ("APS") is an association of independent financial advisors who specialise in wealth and portfolio management. Each associate is approved as an authorised financial services provider by the Financial Services Board and has been specifically invited to become an associate by the APS board on the basis of the associates’ years of experience in the industry, expertise and reputation in the financial services industry.
 Citadel Investment Services
Jacques Cronje
Gerrit Bekker
Nino Frodema, M.Sc Fin&Econ, B.Com (Hons)
Johan de Kock, BCom (Hons), MBA
Peter Baxter
Francois du Plessis
 Cadiz African Harvest
Thiru Nesagan Chetty, BCom (Hons) Finance Cum Laude, CFA
Nesi joined RMB Asset Management's fledgling Investment Excellence training programme in 2002 after completing his Finance Honours degree. On joining RMB Asset Management, he was a member of the consumer industrial team, but assumed non-consumer research responsibilities as well. In January 2007 he was promoted to senior analyst for the life assurance sector in addition to current research and fund management responsibilities. He currently has research responsibilities for all the shares in the financial sector in addition to the managing of the RMB Financial Services Fund. At UND he was awarded the University Honours scholarship, Accenture class medal and was on the Dean's Merit List - 1999, 2000 and 2001.
Abdulazeez Davids
Abdulazeez joined Kagiso Asset Management in February 2008 as the Head of Research and Portfolio Manager. In addition to his research responsibilities, he currently manages the Kagiso Islamic Funds as well as segregated equity portfolios for institutional clients. Prior to his joining the company, Abdulazeez spent 10 years at Allan Gray where he was a senior investment analyst and portfolio manager.

Kagiso Asset Management

Kagiso Asset Management was established in 2001 as a (51%:49%) joint venture between the Kagiso Group and Coronation Fund Managers. In 2005 Coronation Fund Managers exited our business and Kagiso Asset Management and staff bought 30%. Independent administration and infrastructure was installed in 2006 and full operational independence from Coronation was established.

On 1 October 2010, Kagiso launched its own unit trust management company, Kagiso Collective Investments Limited. Kagiso Collective Investments Limited is a subsidiary of Kagiso Asset Management. The Kagiso unit trust range is offered by Kagiso Collective Investments Limited.

In 2011, management and staff increased their shareholding in Kagiso Asset Management to 49.9%.
Frederik Combrink
 Element Investment Management
Cor Booysen, B Eng (Mechanical)
Cor started his career in the mining industry in 1996 as an engineer for De Beers. Between 2000 and 2008 he was involved in management consulting, working for Bain & Company and Seabury Group where he advised corporations in Johannesburg, New York and Sydney on strategy, operational optimisation and revenue enhancement. During this time, he gained in-depth knowledge of the mining, telecommunication, aviation, public sector and manufacturing industries. Cor moved to the fund management industry in 2008, where he was head of resources and a fund manager at RMB Asset Management, and a subsequently as sell-side analyst for HSBC, covering the platinum and diversified mining sector. In 2012 Cor joined Fairtree to co- manage the Fairtree MET Equity Fund. Cor ascribes his initial value investment style to the influence of investment icons such as Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet. However, with experience in management consulting he realised the importance of strategic positioning of companies within an industry and their relative competitive advantage tying into the quality of their business.
Third Circle Asset Management
Alex Duys
Glen Copans, CFA, BCompt, BCom Finance (Hons) (Cum Laude)
Glen started his career at Gensec Bank in 2000 where he was responsible for risk and accounting in the equity derivatives and hedge fund business. He joined Momentum Wealth in 2003 focusing on product development and structuring of derivative based portfolios. Glen joined RMB Asset Management in July 2007 in the Alternative
Investment team where he was a Portfolio Manager of Momentum Guaranteed Portfolios and co-manager for the Absolute return, Equity hedge funds and various customized solutions for clients. He was appointed COO of Momentum Asset Management in May 2012. In Jan 2014, Glen was appointed as Head of Beta strategies to initiate the Passive and Smart Beta offering of Momentum Asset Management.
 Dibanisa Fund Managers
 EFS Investment Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
Hannes Combrinck
David Boonzaier
Ian de Lange, CA (SA)
Mike Browne, CFA
Feroz Basa, BCom (Hons)
Feroz is the joint boutique head of Global Emerging Markets and is responsible for managing and building the investment boutique, one of 10 Old Mutual Investment Group boutiques. Prior to setting up Global Emerging Markets, he was a portfolio manager and analyst in the ELECTUS boutique, after joining in February 2012.

He became portfolio manager of the Old Mutual High Yield Opportunity Fund in 2007 and assisted in implementing a philosophy and process for the Old Mutual High Yield Opportunity Fund and Old Mutual Value Fund. While completing his studies, Feroz joined Old Mutual Unit Trusts in 1998. In 2004, he moved to Old Mutual Investment Group as a trainee analyst. With a passion for investments and a flair for numbers, he excelled in analysing both private and listed equities and became an equity analyst responsible for the building and construction, electronics and diversified transport companies. Feroz has 11 years of work experience in the asset management industry.
Tassius Chigariro, BSc Mathematics (Hons), FIA
Tassius joined Old Mutual Investment Group in January 2008 and is a portfolio manager for the risk managed solutions.

Prior to joining Old Mutual Investment Group, Tassius was an Investment Manager at Resolution Asset Management (uK) for three years. before that he was a Consulting Actuary at Alexander Forbes (uK) for three years. Tassius has 17 years of work experience, initially as a Pensions Actuary before moving into Asset Management.
Khaya Gobodo
Connor Browne
Bradley George
Paul Carter
Paul started his financial services career as a chemical, oil, paper and packaging Analyst at Fergusson Brothers in 1993. He then worked at ING Barings for three years before becoming one of the founding directors of AMB-DLJ Securities in April 1998. He worked there until joining ClucasGray in August 2005. Paul was consistently rated in the top five in the Financial Mail survey in the chemicals and oils, paper and packaging sectors during his 12 years as a research analyst.
Luke Gale
Graham French
Tom Dobell
 Capricorn Asset Management
Gavin Goldblatt
Thompson Ganyeka, B Com (Accounting)
Thompson studied and completed his degree at Rhodes University in 2001. Thompson did his internship in (2002) Copenhagen, working as an Accountant for Sheltons Tax Consulting. Thompson joined the industry in 2003, starting as an analyst at Oasis Asset Management. Thompson has also worked for the old Fraters as an Analyst. He has eight years working experience in the financial markets as an equity and fixed income analyst. He left Personal Trust where he was managing the Personal Trust Income Fund to join RE·CM in August 2010.
Urvesh Desai, BSc (Hons), FIA
Urvesh is a portfolio manager and strategist at MacroSolutions, with his primary focus being the Global capabilities and the Conservative Balanced Fund capabilities. In addition, he contributes to MacroSolutions’ overall investment strategy.

Urvesh has been with MacroSolutions since the inception of the boutique. He previously jointly managed the Namibian multi-asset class portfolios. Prior to joining Old Mutual Investment Group, Urvesh performed various actuarial functions within Old Mutual Life Assurance Company of South Africa.
Barry Dubb
Francois Cilliers
Dawie de Villiers, BSc (Statistics) Stell
Ockert Goosen, BCom (Hons) Accounting, MBA (WITS), CA (SA)
Charl de Villiers
Nicholas Balkin, BCom (Hons)
Andrew Dittberner
 Efficient Select (Pty) Ltd.
 Cadiz Collective Investments
 Edge Investments (Pty) Ltd.
Henk Basson
Johan Basson
Zurk Botha
Johan de Villiers
Paul Bosman
Reon Coetzee
Eino Emvula
Greg Flash
Jozua Booysen
Trinisha Chanka
William Fraser
Roy Chapman
Johan Calitz
Fernando Durrell, PhD (Mathematics), CFA
Fernando is a portfolio manager and senior analyst at Vunani Fund Managers. He is responsible for the management of the core equity funds and our active property fund. His responsibilities also extend to the analysis required in the asset allocation process. In particular, he is responsible for strategic and tactical asset allocation research, as well as sector and stock selection modelling. He obtained his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Cape Town in 2007.
Alex Cook
Mazi Capital
Tony Berman
Michael Godfrey
 GinsGlobal Investment Management
 Bridge Fund Managers
Tavonga Chivizhe, B.Bus.Science(Hons)-Actuarial
Tavonga Chivizhe has an Honours degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Cape Town. He has’ 8 years experience in financial markets. Tavonga is currently the Chief Investment Officer at Boutique Investment Partners and co-portfolio manager for Rebalance Fund Managers. Tavonga is responsible for investment strategy and direction.
Laven Chetty
 Coronation Fund Managers
 Element Asset Management
 Brandywine Global Investment Management
Albert Botha, B Comm (US)
Paul Duncan, B.Bus Science, MBA, CFA
Paul joined Catalyst Fund Managers from J.P. Morgan at the end of 2004. He began his career in 1996 as a commercial real estate broker with the Broll Group. Thereafter he worked in London for five years in investment banking and returned to South Africa to complete his MBA. As a result, he brings a valuable combination of financial markets and real estate experience to our team.
Meirine Giggins
 Clarus Asset Management
Tom Barlow
 Cadiz Asset Management (Pty) Ltd.
Wicliff Damaseb
Tracy Burton, CFA
Michael Dodd, CFA
Kent Brook
Nonhlanhla Dube
Tony Foster
 Blackrock Investment Management (UK) Limited
Jason Binneman
Robert Enslin
Willem de Vos
 Catalyst Fund Managers
Hayden Bamford
 Futuregrowth Asset Management
Antoon de Klerk
Antoon is an investment specialist in the Global Emerging Market Debt team and a portfolio manager. Antoon joined the Investec Group in 2005 as part of the Investec chartered accountant (TOPP) Programme. After spending time in accounts and investment banking, where he was involved with merger and acquisition advisory work, he joined Investec Asset Management in 2006. Antoon holds a Masters degree (cum laude) in economics and an honours degree in accounting from the University of Stellenbosch and is CA (SA). Antoon studied in Germany as part of his post-graduate economic studies.
Anver Dollie
Mark Dunley-Owen, BBusSc, CFA
Tony Cadle
Nico Els
Franco Barnard
 First Pacific Advisors
Sean Ashton, BCom Honours, CFA
Sean holds a BCom (Hons) and is a CFA charterholder. He carries 12 years of financial market experience having worked as a sell-side analyst at Deutsche Bank and Nedbank, and Portfolio Manager and buy-side analyst at Investec Wealth & Investment. He was awarded two number one ratings in the Financial Mail institutional analyst ratings in 2005 and 2006 for the hotels and leisure sector. The Investec IEB Absolute Return Fund, under his management, won its category in the SYmmETRY Hedge Fund awards in 2007. In addition to managing the Anchor BCI Equity Fund (SA’s top performing general equity fund in 2014), Sean is the CIO and responsible for the investment and research process at Anchor Capital.
 Foster Fund Managers
 Fidelity International
 Fedgroup Asset Management
 Destiny Fund Managers
Magdalena Franciszka
Glen Baker
Glen has over 25 years’ experience in financial markets. In that time he has headed up equity derivatives divisions at major local and international institutions and has both equity and fixed-income experience. His direct investment experience includes managing Exchange Traded Funds, and for the last three years as head of alternative investments at Anchor Capital. In this role he is responsible the hedge fund and property sector investment process and is the fund manager for the recently launched Anchor BCI Property Fund.
Tony da Silva
Louis Chetty, CA (SA), CFA
Louis joined Momentum Asset Management’s equity research team in January 2013 to oversee banks and other financials. He joined us from ABSA Asset Management, where he worked as a banking/diversified financials and credit analyst for the fixed-income team. Prior to that, he spent four years as an equity analyst at RMB
Morgan Stanley. Louis also worked as a liquidity risk analyst for FirstRand Bank. He began his working career in 2001 at Deloitte & Touche, Durban, as a trainee accountant.
Richard Bottger
James Faircliff
Michael Farry
Rico Ernst
Rico started his career with Sasfin Frankel Pollak Sec. in 2002 as a Junior Portfolio Manager after completing a B.Com. Investment Management degree with the University of Pretoria. Rico was actively involved in the development of the Direct Share Option product and therefore started working as a Financial Advisor in 2005 with Sasfin. In 2007 Rico decided to open his own firm as he believed that creating an independent company would create a much greater variety of objective resources to utilise in the management of portfolios. In 2008 Uhuru Asset Management was registered with the Financial Services Board.
 Colourfield Liability Solutions (Pty) Ltd
 Boutique Investment Partners
Nick Balkin
Razeen Dinath, BCom PGDA CA (SA)
Qualifications: BCom PGDA CA (SA) Razeen joined Momentum Asset Management’s unconstrained team in September 2012 as an analyst for local and global equities. He has more than 12 years’ experience in the asset management industry. Before joining Momentum Asset Management, Razeen was an investment analyst at Regarding Capital Management and Allan Gray.
Jako de Jager, BCom(Hons) Investment Management
Melissa Breda
Rian Brand, BA, B.Eng (Hons), MBA
Jonathan du Toit, CA (SA), CFA
 GCI Asset Management
Daniel Dos Passos
David R. Green
Vincent Ee
Justin Floor
Justin holds a BBusBc (Hons) in Actuarial Science, Mathematical Statistics and Finance as well as an MPhil in Mathematics of Finance from the University of Cape Town. He is a qualified actuary (FASSA designation) and has successfully completed the CFA exams. Prior to joining Kagiso, Justin was employed as an Actuarial Specialist at Old Mutual where he was responsible for asset-liability management, economic capital modelling and group actuarial financial reporting.

Brian Davey
 Ashburton Multi Managed Solutions
 Cohesive Capital (Pty) Ltd
Aram Compton
Aram Compton joined Sarasin & Partners in August 2007. He runs a selection of global multi-asset portfolios for institutional and retail clients, including the GlobalSar range, Sarasin's flagship multi-asset product. Aram is a member of the firm's Investment Policy Committee, which forms the firm's asset allocation views, and he also invests in direct equities and bonds on a bottom up basis. He graduated from the ICMA Centre at Henley Business School with a BSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Eldon Beinart
Francois Botha
 Brunia Capital
Laurium Capital
Gerrit Bezuidenhout
Mark Flanagan
Wion Flett
James Clucas
Kevin Colglazier
 Contego Asset Management
Lillian Bernard
John Eckstein
Manas Bapela
Michael Dale
Thys du Toit, BSc Agric, MBA Cum Laude
Jan Faure
 Ci Collective Investments (RF) Pty Ltd
Susan Gawith
 Dinamika Makelaars
Graeme Bencke
Kate Faraday
Peter Clark
 BlackRock Investment Managers
St John Bunkell, MSc Chem.Eng
St John has been with Absa Alternative Asset Management since September 2009; in this time he has been responsible for the strategic design and implementation of AAM's long only asset management business. He a portfolio manager on all equity funds and is integrally involved with the fixed income and balanced fund offerings. St John started his career in 1997 and has experience in risk management, structured solutions, asset management and hedge funds. He spend several years in London where he started Gensec UK structured products and worked in the pension fund environment. He has been largely responsible for the strategic alliance between AAM and the asset manager business of Barclays Capital (BCFS), having integrated Barclays Capital trading technology as well as being involved in several BCFS investments by South African Institutional clients. He is involved in the development and management of AAM's hedge fund offering.
David Cook, BCom, PGDip Acc, CA (SA), CFA
 Ashburton Multi Management
Jacques Du Toit
Flip Buys
Philip Bradford
Michael Bolus
Pranay Chagan
Reagon Graig
Michael Canterbury, BSc (Mech.Eng), B Comm (Hons) Cum Laude
 AssetMix Solutions (Pty) Ltd
 Assetbase International
Andrew Dowse, Bcom (Hons)
Andrew joined Grindrod Asset Management in early 2013 and is currently a Portfolio Manager. Andrew has worked as a Product Development Analyst at Symmetry within the Old Mutual Group and then in the offshore hedge fund division at Maitland. Prior to joining Grindrod Asset Management, Andrew worked at Insinger de Beaufort BNP Paribas, a boutique asset manager and family wealth office. The company’s head office is in Amsterdam and the parent company BNP Paribas is based in Paris. As a member of the investment committee Andrew was responsible for global fund research, analysing all investment products including the more exotic asset classes of hedge funds and structured products. He was also responsible for much of the reporting and analysis of client portfolios including attribution reports and compliance with GIPS reporting standards. He also traded and balanced all offshore and local private client investment mandates and was actively involved in the management of the South African Fund of Funds within the firm.

 Asset Protection International
 Autus Investment Team Anchor Capital
Dawie Conradie
Jamie Boyes, B.Bus Science, CA (SA)
Jamie qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte in 2001 and spent the following three years working in the USA, London and Sydney with Deloitte, Bank of New York and Vodafone. Upon his return to Cape Town, Jamie worked for Investec Private Bank and later for Dubai World Africa, where he was responsible for real estate acquisitions and development in Africa. He joined the Catalyst Fund Managers team in October 2008.
 Capita AM
Anthea Gardner, MBA
Anthea started her finance career at HSBC, Johannesburg as an equity sales trader whilst completing her MBA at Wits Business School, with her research thesis in Option Pricing Models and their relevance in the South African market. In 2004 she joined Rand Merchant bank on the derivatives sales trading desk where she was instrumental in offering Single Stock Futures to clients and starting the institutional CFD product. Her move to Morgan Stanley, London, in 2007, was to cover the European and US Equity Derivatives client base focusing on emerging markets in Eastern Europe and Africa. After Morgan Stanley, she joined the investment team at the African Development Bank in Tunisia, as a Fixed Income portfolio manager. Her entrepreneurial spirit took her to the south of France for a year and a half to start a property business before returning to South Africa. She started Cartesian Capital in January 2014.
 Consilium AM
 Efficient Select
 Evolve Fund Managers
 Foster Wealth Management
Russell Brown
Brendan de Jongh
Andrè Botha
Nick Dennis
Prior to running the Anchor Global Equity Fund, Nick spent over 6 years in London, working at Pictet Asset Management as a Senior Investment Manager. Nick holds the Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Accountant (South Africa) designations.
Gary Elston
Junaid Bray, B Bus Sci (Finance) UCT, CFA
Junaid has 13 years investment management experience. He joins us after spending nearly 6 years in Abu Dhabi as a Senior Investment Analyst. Junaid began his career in the investment management industry as a trainee investment analyst at Oasis Asset Management.

 Denker Capital

Lee Freeman-Shor, CA(SA), CFA
Lee Freeman-Shor joined Old Mutual in 2005 with a wealth of experience having previously worked in Private Client Investment Management as an Investment Development Manager with Winterthur Life and, more recently, with Schroder Investment Management. Lee graduated from Nottingham Law School with an LLB (Hons) degree. He holds the Investment Management Certificate.
Anthony Gillham, BCom (Hons), CA(SA)
Anthony Gillham joined Old Mutual in 2000 and is a fixed income portfolio manager within our multi-manager team. In 2007, Anthony became a portfolio manager focusing on global fixed income having been dedicated to qualitative manager research in fixed income since 2006 and quantitative manager research in fixed income prior to that. Anthony is a CFA Charterholder and holds the Investment Management Certificate.
Aram Crompton
Aram Compton joined Sarasin & Partners in August 2007. He runs a selection of global multi-asset portfolios for institutional and retail clients, including the GlobalSar range, Sarasin's flagship multi-asset product. Aram is a member of the firm's Investment Policy Committee, which forms the firm's asset allocation views, and he also invests in direct equities and bonds on a bottom up basis. He graduated from the ICMA Centre at Henley Business School with a BSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Geoffrey Armstrong
Geoffrey joined Deloitte from University and worked there from September 2005 to March 2008, working as an auditor with clients focused in the European Real Estate Sector. He joined Sarasin in April 2008
Melville du Plessis, B.Com (Hons), CFA, CAIA, FRM
Werner Burger, BCom (Finance), BCom (Inv Mgt) (Hons), CFA
Zisanda Gila, BCom
Christine Fourie
Mario Fisher
Alan Chua, CFA
Willie Botha
Simon Finch
Varkki Chacko
 Galileo Fund Managers (Pty) Ltd.
Mark Botes
David Bacher, BCom, PDM, CFA
Johan de Bruyn
Pierre de Villiers
 Chartwell Investment Partners LLC
Edo Brasecke
 Financial Fitness Services (Pty) Ltd.
Jason Forssman
Ian Cunningham
Matthew Auerbach, MCom, CA(SA), CFA
 Baillie Gifford
 Baobab Capital
 Franklin Real Estate Advisors
 FNB Securities
William Ball
William is a senior equity analyst, who is the deputy portfolio manager of the SPW Global High Quality Fund and co-manager of the Clime International Equity Fund since inception of both on 28 February 2014. Additionally, in conjunction with the Head of Global Equities, William is responsible for global equity research and managing the high net worth global equity mandates and the global equity offering. He has over 10 years of investment experience and a track record of investing in equities. Prior to joining Sanlam in 2009, William worked at Brown Shipley before moving to Merrill Lynch.
Gregg Bridger
Lorenzo Dicorrado
Antonio Docal, CFA
Dylan Ball
T Anthony Coffey
Coleen Barbeau
Fred Fromm, CFA
Jonathan Curtis
James Cross
Ross Breedt
Wynand Duvenhage
 Autus Fund Managers
Christiaan Fourie
Nick Brummer
Marc du Plooy
Jason Borbora
Tyron Green
Nick Crail
 Capricorn Fund Managers (Pty) Ltd.
 Fairtree Capital (Pty) Ltd
Ian Erlank
Stephan Engelbrecht
 Cratos Capital
Alessandro Dicorrado
 Cloud Atlas
Karl Gevers, BAcc, BCom (Hons), CA(SA)
Karl is the Head of Research, Director and co-founder of Benguela. Karl has more than 13 years finance and investment experience. Most recently Karl successfully co-managed the equity funds at Mergence Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd. Prior to Mergence, Karl spent 4 years in London where he worked as an analyst at Blue Bay Asset Management Plc (a global asset manager with over US$ 50 billion under management) and Lonrho Plc (Pan-African conglomerate).
Fawaz Fakier, BCom (Hons), CFA, FRM
Stuart Gordon Reid, B.Sc. Hons Computer Science
Stuart has 4 years of experience working as a quantitative analyst. He wants to bridge the gap between machine learning and investment management. He started his career in 2013 as a Management Consultant at KPMG. Whilst in this role he worked on a number of audit and program assurance projects in South African banks. Stuart was shortly promoted to a quantitative analyst in the Financial Risk Management practice at KPMG where he focused on developing derivatives pricing models.In 2014, Stuart joined Old Mutual’s Balance Sheet Management team where he worked on developing pricing models and hedging strategies for embedded derivatives. Stuart joined NMRQL Research in late 2015.
 Blue Ink Investments (Pty) Ltd.
Eugene Botha, BSc Actuarial Science (Hons), MSc Quantitative Risk Management
Sector: Regional-Interest Bearing-Short Term
Fund Size: R279 646 235 (as at 30 Sep 2018)
Sector Rank: 2 out of 5
(lump sum over 1 years to 30 Nov 2018)
Overall Rank: 253 out of 1187
(lump sum over 1 years to 30 Nov 2018)
R1000 invested on 30 Nov 2017 was worth R1 021.90 on 30 Nov 2018 (2.19% annual compound return)
R100 per month since 30 Nov 2017 was worth R1 275.08 on 30 Nov 2018 (11.16% annual return compounded monthly)
Please note that domestic fund performance figures are calculated on a NAV-NAV basis including dividends reinvested on the reinvestment date, ETFs are reinvested on the ex-div date.
Focus and Objective
The STANLIB USD Currency Fund of Funds' main objective is long-term growth of capital and income. Investments will, apart on assets in liquid form, consist solely of participatory interests of collective investment schemes, which invest, principally in US dollar-denominated fixed-interest portfolios. Initially, these foreign collective investment schemes will include: Fidelity Funds SICAV, Fidelity Funds SICAV II, Fidelity Investments Funds OEIC and Fidelity's UK Authorised Unit Trusts. This portfolio may have a maximum of 100% direct and/or indirect foreign exposure.
Latest Fund Manager Comment / News
STANLIB USD Currency Fund of Funds - Apr 18
The USD dollar currency fund returned -3.41% in rand terms for the first quarter of 2018  ...more
News Archive
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Top Holdings on 30 Sep 2018
Share No Units Value (Rm) % of Fund
FID-USFUNDIST 181 678 611 199.06 71.18%
FID-USDOLLAR 61 306 532 65.88 23.56%
Totals   264.94 94.74%
Comparative Performance
Portfolio Structure as at 30 Sep 2018
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Dividend Data
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